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Metro optical transport platforms

Big things come in small packages

Deliver the big things your customers want with compact Metro Optical Transport Platforms based on our 1830 Photonic Service Switch.

Our metro-optimized platforms help you keep up with fast-evolving demand for high-bandwidth video, cloud, and data center services. Built specifically for the space and cost constraints of today’s metro, cloud, and data center interconnect (DCI) networks, they are smaller and more powerful than any other available solution. With our platforms you get:

  • 2X more capacity
  • Support for any mix of packet, OTN, and photonic services
  • 50% smaller physical footprint
  • 40% lower power consumption
  • SDN capabilities that support application-driven, dynamic service instantiation
  • PSE DSP family powered muxponder cards that support efficient and flexible 100G service connectivity

Total metro traffic will increase 560% by 2017

Demand for cloud and video services is driving more — and increasingly diverse — traffic to the metro network. Traffic is staying in the metro as operators, cloud providers, and co-location providers add data centers and keep content closer to end users. By 2017, 75% of all metro traffic will be terminated within the metro network.

It’s not enough to adapt your core platforms. To address this shifting dynamic, you need metro-optimized solutions that can help you cost effectively add capacity and easily adjust to changing usage patterns.

Build better metro, cloud, and DCI networks

Turn traffic growth into business opportunity with our suite of Metro Optical Transport Platforms. These platforms extend the capabilities of our 1830 Photonic Service Switch and cloud-optimized metro solutions. They give you added flexibility to meet demand for capacity and launch compelling multiservice offers. And they increase the efficiency of your metro, cloud, and DCI networks: you’ll consume less power and make better use of your available space.

Get the right platform for your metro and data center network


  • Reduce total cost of ownership with transport platforms that use 50% less space and consume up to 40% less power than existing transport solutions
  • Bring capacity where it’s needed with platforms built to fit the space constraints of dense urban business district and data center environments
  • Address the needs of every customer by gaining the ability to deploy a carrier-grade network in urban offices or outdoor cabinets


  • Add capacity to address traffic growth with platforms that support graceful linear scaling from 400G to 1.6 Tb
  • Grow your service offering incrementally with platforms that support high-capacity slot-to-slot interconnectivity
  • Keep deployment costs low by eliminating the need for centralized switching fabrics
  • Scale wavelength capacities to 600G so you can efficiently carry more services


  • Right-size service support and pay as you grow to meet traffic demands
  • Address changing demand with switching agility and intelligence that let you dynamically reconfigure network resources
  • Enhance your cloud offer with SDN capabilities that let you provision high-performance, application-driven network services on demand

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