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Utility Telco (UTelco) services for power utilities

Architect and deploy all the elements needed by a utility to become a telco service provider

Are part of their transformation to new business models, power utilities are considering unregulated services as a potentially attractive way to generate new revenues.  Through these services, utilities can leverage extra value from their market presence and assets.  As a result, they can better serve the development of their local communities, diversify their revenue mix, and gain new revenues to help fund core activities.

Triple play services – broadband Internet, video and voice, are the most widely deployed by utilities in areas that are often under- served by commercial broadband carriers. Smart city services and open access provider services are additional offerings to leverage a utility’s pervasive fiber infrastructure.

Recognizing the unique requirements of each utility, Nokia tailors the solution to specific business needs. Emphasis is placed on getting the utility to market quickly without operational risk to the existing business.

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