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Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over Wifi (VoWi-Fi) core

Protect profitability while enhancing your IMS communication services offer

Meet demand for rich voice and video communication services with our comprehensive IMS/VoLTE portfolio. Our products and solutions provide all the tools you need. Deliver high-quality VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and multimedia services while maintaining a profitable network.  

Offer converged mobile and fixed voice services over any device using IMS  

Evolve towards an all-IP core, IMS is a high-performing core controller for LTE networks. Providing VoLTE, VoWiFi and multimedia services for multiple devices.  

IMS provides a standardized, future-proof network architecture with open interfaces. It ensures interoperability of multivendor equipment, combined with maximum reuse of existing network elements.  

The Nokia IMS-based product portfolio gives field-proven, efficient, and robust voice and multimedia services with Advanced Audio Coding with any access type – mobile, wireline or cable.

Maintain and expand business with HD voice and improved connectivity

  • Use IMS core for LTE to maintain revenue from today’s services. Provide top quality for your customers
  • Add a rich communications environment to voice services. Help your customers make their mobile access even more pleasurable and central to their lives
  • Provide a standardized and well-tested end-to-end solution to reduce the risks of integration
  • A core for all network access types and a common provisioning and management system help decrease operational costs
  • Evolve and converge your network to deliver voice and rich multimedia services across any network access
  • Optimize your network to improve margins on voice traffic. Enhance the customer experience and prepare for the migration to an all-IP network
  • Enrich digital content with horizontal service integration Flexible, adaptable and easy to implement, Nokia IMS products come ready integrated with best-of-breed partner products.

VoLTE: harness the power of LTE for communication and 4G voice

As subscribers demand more services for less money, it’s vitally important for operators to protect their profitability by reducing delivery costs. The answer is to eliminate the need for separate voice and data networks.

By providing VoLTE, an operator can enhance indoor coverage using Wi-Fi and extend its communication services with WebRTC. Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) and WebRTC use the same IMS core as VoLTE. Enable the same communication and multimedia services.

Why VoLTE and 4G calling is a critical enabler for 5G voice services

Deploying VoLTE is strategically important. It is typically part of the migration of voice services from 3G and legacy CS mobile networks to the 4G LTE network. VoLTE is based on the IMS architecture, so the rise of VoLTE also coincides with Communication Service Provider (CSP) adoption of IMS.

white paper

Paper: Why VoLTE is a critical enabler

Widespread LTE coverage is one of the main enablers of the rapid growth of Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

Take full advantage of the LTE network

  • Competitive, high-quality voice and video service over LTE
  • Fast time-to-market; quick, easy service development on top of LTE/ Wi-Fi
  • Full mobile voice service continuity
  • Full integration with existing network back office services
  • Core elements run on the same platform or in telco cloud, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Professional services for design, planning and integration

Evolution with VoLTE boost while CS Sun set

The Nokia VoLTE solution offers a clear evolutionary path. It allows operators to take full advantage of LTE network according industry standards coexisting fully with existing voice core.  VoWiFi and fixed, converged IP expand the user experience and enable operators to bundle services to differentiate their offering.  

Nokia VoLTE core, including IMS /TAS, SBC and HSS, provides a truly robust and reliable next generation voice and messaging service core.    

Our Rich Communication Suite (RCS) allows operators to offer their customers capabilities that make the mobile even more central to their private and business lives.

Something to talk about – Nokia VoLTE

Evolve to richer voice with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over Wifi (VoWifi)

Voice over Long-Term Evolution with Single Radio Voice Call Continuity

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) as wireless voice network: coverage enhancement and integration

Our customers say about Nokia Voice over LTE solution

“We are delighted to deepen our strategic partnership with Nokia to build a future ready and agile network. The country’s largest open cloud based VoLTE network is a major milestone in Airtel’s journey. Our objective is to reap the benefits of cloud solutions to simplify our architecture and enable faster delivery of innovative services, ultimately delivering an enhanced customer experience.”

Randeep Sekhon / CTO of Bharti Airtel

“Deploying the cloud-native mobile core from Nokia is about preparing Ooredoo to meet future customer demands. It will enable us to be more agile in our response to their needs for everything from video capacity to VoLTE services. And it will enable us to offer them advanced 5G services such as support for industrial automation and IoT as these exciting technologies come to the Tunisian market.”

Hatem Mestiri / CTO of Ooredoo Tunisia

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