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Nokia Advanced Optical Network Design

Course number: TOP00005
Course duration: 5 days
Price: $3,425 US

Course overview

This advanced course is designed for experienced network architects and senior-level network planning and design engineers. Participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to design medium to large-scale optical networks with complex configurations and requirements. It covers essential design topics, including network architectures, topology planning, traffic matrix analysis, amplification/regeneration, Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS), and network element configuration. Participants will also learn encryption, network synchronization, and advanced features of the 1830 Engineering and Planning Tool (EPT). The course includes lab exercises and case studies where participants design optical networks.

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Describe advanced EPT design options (including CDC, GMPLS, flexible grid, C+L, etc.)
  • Explain advanced customer requirements (resilience, latency, encryption, synchronization)
  • Design a network accounting for medium to long-term growth
  • Describe the concept of trail grooming (including backplane switching and cascading)
  • Analyze traffic in the given double-ring design
  • Configure grooming optimizing the equipment slot allocation
  • Describe linear and non-linear impairments
  • Describe link power budget, OSNR, Q-factor and BER
  • Describe the advantages of Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Describe available solutions (3R, ILA, DGE, Raman) for extending the optical reach
  • Identify the advantages and limitations of Raman amplification
  • Explain the advantages of DGE nodes in long-haul designs
  • Design a mesh topology with ROADM architecture
  • Find alternative routes with better OSNR
  • Describe coherent transmission and modulation techniques
  • Explain polarization multiplexing
  • Explain the advantages of different modulation formats
  • Explain the concept of Probabilistic Constellation Shaping (PCS)
  • Define low Automatic Spontaneous Emission (ASE) OTs segregation
  • Describe network design with alien signals
  • Explain the concept of buckets



  • Design a linear topology with flexible grid
  • Design a network with no ASE noise OTs segregation
  • Describe CDC-F 2.0 hardware with Integrated ROADMs (iROADMs)
  • Explain the C+L band architecture
  • Analyze C and L bands traffic demands
  • Design a mesh topology based on CDC-F and CDC-F 2.0
  • How to determine the number of network elements and their location
  • Define NE hardware manually to optimize cost
  • Describe the GMPLS (L0, L1 and MRN) control plane
  • Design networks with control plane enabled
  • List the possible restoration mechanisms
  • Describe protection and restoration combinations
  • Analyze nominal and restoration routes in EPT
  • Describe SRG and “failure scope” configuration
  • Describe the EPT GMPLS audit function
  • Design a CDC-F network with GMPLS enabled
  • Design SBR and PRC services
  • Identify solutions for latency optimization and measurements
  • Describe L1 encryption solution
  • Explain OTDR implementation
  • Describe how synchronization can be transported through a WDM network
  • Design latency-constrained services
  • Implement solutions for synchronized applications

Course modules

  • Module 1 – Introduction to advanced network design
  • Module 2 – Assessing and improving the optical reach
  • Module 3 – Bandwidth management


  • Module 4 – Advanced architectures and networks
  • Module 5 – Design networks with control plane enabled
  • Module 6 – Advanced service requirements

Schedule and registration

Nokia Advanced Optical Network Design

Price for this course is $3425 (USD) per seat

Duration: 5 days (9 am - 4 pm)

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Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC) Program and Confidentiality Agreement

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