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Nokia Optical Diagnostics
and Troubleshooting

Course number: TOP00007
Course duration: 4 days
Price: $3,125 US

Course overview

This course provides students with the knowledge and hands-on skills required to troubleshoot and resolve Nokia photonic nodes' issues using direct web and command line interfaces. Participants will learn optical signal flow through a node using the Nokia 1830 Engineering and Planning Tool (EPT) reports for consistency analysis, retrieving optical power data and current alarms/conditions, troubleshooting and repairing a transmission, and system/optical transponder faults. The course includes extensive hands-on lab exercises to ensure students acquire practical skills on the topics presented.

Course objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Leverage Nokia resources (e.g. Product Support Portal) for product documentation and information
  • Describe the optical signal flow through an 1830 PSS node
  • Explain different amplifier configurations, including unidirectional/bidirectional amplifiers; ingress amplification only; ingress and egress amplification; CDC-F v.1; CDC-F v.2
  • Describe how Raman amplification works with Erbium Doped Fiber Amplification
  • Locate configured span information between nodes
  • Locate commissioning data in EPT reports and compare with the actual nodal configuration
  • Locate the nodal schematic view in EPT and compare with the actual nodal configuration
  • Describe active alarms and conditions
  • Retrieve active alarms and conditions in WebUI and CLI
  • Generate and export alarms, conditions and logs to Excel
  • Recognize important types of Performance Monitoring measurements (PMs)
  • Retrieve PMs in WebUI and CLI
  • Configure loopbacks to isolate a fault
  • Understand 1830 PSS-32 power management settings
  • Configure power management settings for troubleshooting



  • Describe and troubleshoot important power-related alarms and messages
  • Perform manual power adjustments 
  • Troubleshoot power adjustment failures
  • Trace a service along an optical path, through several interfaces within and beyond a node
  • Perform in-depth channel power monitoring 
  • Recognize Wavelength Tracker (WT) detection points on a block diagram 
  • Detect wave key sources within a node 
  • Detect unexpected or missing channels
  • Determine which alarms are raised in a fiber cut situation 
  • Detect unidirectional and bidirectional fiber cuts 
  • Describe the OTDR card
  • Calculate span loss between two nodes and compare to designed span loss 
  • Identify Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) information and alarms 
  • Troubleshoot common OSC issues 
  • Identify and resolve transponder configuration issues
  • Identify and resolve Forward Error Correction (FEC) configuration issues
  • Identify and resolve payload type and encapsulation mode issues 
  • Identify and resolve fiber connection issues through the Trail Trace Identifier (TTI)

Course modules

  • Module 1 – Documentation and Support Information
  • Module 2 – Optical Signal Flow
  • Module 3 – EPT report parameters
  • Module 4 – Alarms, conditions and logs
  • Module 5 – Performance monitoring and loopbacks for troubleshooting



  • Module 6 – Transmission and power adjustment troubleshooting techniques
  • Module 7 – Wavelength Tracker
  • Module 8 – Line issues troubleshooting and alarm correlation
  • Module 9 – Optical Transponder configuration troubleshooting

Schedule and registration

Nokia Optical Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Price for this course is $3125 (USD) per seat

Duration: 4 days (9 am - 4 pm)

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Nokia Optical Network Certification (ONC) Program and Confidentiality Agreement

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