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My SR Learning Labs

More than just a lab service

Introducing My SR Learning Labs

My SR Learning Labs now replaces MySRLab for NRS I and NRS II associated labs, with SRA labs coming in early 2024.  Check out the new experience below.

Get 24/7 access to multiple lab types and integrated exercises

More than just a lab service, My SR Learning Labs offers lab exercises complete with inline instructions and solutions, giving you everything you need in one easy-to-use browser-based application.  

Develop your hands-on skills or prepare for lab exams by completing the same lab exercises from our hands-on courses. 

The lab interface is designed to make connections with the various lab elements seamless.  Users are automatically logged into most network nodes simply by opening one of the interface tabs.  Choose multiple lab types and flexible hours that work with your schedule.

My SR Learning Labs remote labs

Access to the same labs found in our hands-on courses

Prepare for the NRS II certification and SRA certification lab exams

Each lab type has integrated inline exercises with solutions.

Our new My SR Learning Labs demo video tutorial

See our latest lab learning labs service now available for the NRS I and NRS II-associated courses.  Coming in early 2024 for the SRA labs.

Lab types

Choose the right lab service for your requirements:

Lab pricing and reservation

There are currently two pricing models for our new My SR Learning Labs and MySRLab. The QoS practice scenarios also require you to purchase MySRLab time. 

To reserve a lab or purchase practice scenarios, you must have a Nokia Support Portal account. Once you have an account, you can continue to follow the purchase or reservation links below. If you have any questions or issues accessing the registration system or scheduling lab sessions or scenarios, please contact

My SR Learning Labs (new service)

My SR Learning Labs pricing can be found in the table below.  The prices are based on 1-day, 7-day, or 30-day access.  Lab time does not expire at the end of the period, and we only deduct the time used in each lab session (ex: 1 day = 24 hours that can be used at any time). You can purchase lab time online with a credit card or through your Nokia Account Manager. You must create a Nokia Student Portal account to purchase lab time. You can find the My SR Learning Labs in the Student Portal store.

If you have purchased or have a Learning Labs Voucher, you can redeem your lab voucher and access the service at


If you have any questions or issues accessing the labs, please contact



Purchase lab time Reserve lab time
Redeem lab voucher and reserve lab time  


Lab pricing

Lab duration


1 day (24 hours) $99
7 days (168 hours)  $149
30 days (720 hours) $249





MySRLab pricing (legacy service)

QoS practice scenario pricing (legacy service)