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Nokia Certified Network Routing Specialist I (NRS I)

Learn the essentials of IP networking and VPN service routing


Get started with an NRS I certification

The NRS I certification is the entry point for the Nokia Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program, tailored for beginners in IP and Ethernet Technologies. It covers essential topics, including the TCP/IP layered model, Ethernet, Internet addressing, packet forwarding, routing protocols, MPLS tunnelling, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. This certification lays a strong groundwork in IP technology, enabling individuals to progress through the program with further courses and certifications.

Nokia NRS I

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Network Routing Specialist I, students will: 

Be familiar with the basics of the TCP/IP layered model, ethernet, internet addressing, and packet forwarding.

Routing protocols, MPLS tunneling, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services.

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