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Enable distribution automation

Monitor, control and automate grid functions

Move to intelligent distribution automation and streamline operations with our high-capacity, high-performance critical field area networks (FANs). Our converged communications networks leverage wireless broadband and IP-based technologies to move the volume and variety of data you need to increase grid reliability, efficiency and performance.

Challenge: Collect, process, and communicate grid data

To enable smart grid devices, utilities have deployed multiple FANs based on different networking technologies. Each FAN requires its own maintenance and spares, which creates higher operational costs. And it hampers control, coordination and communications between various grid applications. Some new applications have reliability, priority and bandwidth requirements that current FANs cannot satisfy.

Solution: Private LTE FAN

Converged, critical FANs built on private LTE wireless broadband and IP/MPLS provide highly available, flexible, secure and scalable networks. They extend the reach of existing WANs for all monitoring and control functions. They simplify operations with a single network for all communications. And they provide the right technology combination to support evolving intelligent distribution automation, and new business models.

Simplify distribution

Connect and support thousands or millions of devices with varying degrees of QoS and bandwidth requirements

Automate everything

Enable current and future distribution automation applications, including those that use distributed processing

Streamline operations

Allow mobile connections for remote desktop access, push-to-video, push-to-talk and workforce automation applications

We offer an end-to-end private LTE wireless broadband and IP/MPLS solution that provides a unified and secure network for more efficient and intelligent distribution automation. Our solution leverages:

  • Standards-based technology that uses dedicated licensed spectrum to minimize the risk of interference as industrial IoT deployments that use unlicensed spectrum grow
  • Proven scalability in large mobile operator networks globally along with prioritization and quality of service
  • Our broad product portfolio of IP/MPLS routers, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and microwave radios for the backhaul network
  • A common communications management system for the radio access network (RAN), backhaul and core
  • Lifecycle device management that simplifies and reduces operating expenses
  • Security management that spans multi-vendor and multi-technology IT and OT environments, and provides a single pane of glass perspective


Move to intelligent distribution automation

Move to intelligent distribution automation

Our private LTE broadband networks support converged, critical FANs with the coverage, capacity, resiliency and QoS required for critical connections that enable intelligent distribution automation. They improve operations, reduce capital and operating expenses, and enhance reliability and safety. And our comprehensive approach includes professional services that span its lifecycle to ensure your success.

Optimizing distribution automation with private LTE networks

Discover our building blocks for grid automation