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Enhance control and automation

Operate grids more effectively with smarter communications networks

Transform transmission and distribution grids to more efficient smart grid operations with Nokia’s high-capacity, high-performance critical WANs. Our converged communications networks leverage IP-based technologies to optimize smart grid operations. They provide secure, flexible and resilient platforms for automation, control and management functions.

Challenge: Increase grid efficiency, reliability and safety

Smart grid applications increase the number of devices that must be monitored and controlled, the amount of generated data, and the data rates that must be supported. Legacy communications infrastructures that enable today’s grid operations don’t provide the capacity and performance needed to support the massive amount of IP-based communication needed for smart grid operations. And many require end-of-life replacements.

Solution: Converged, critical WAN

Smart grids need equally smart WANs. A converged, critical WAN built on IP/MPLS, packet microwave and packet optical networking technologies provides a highly available, flexible, secure and scalable communications network for all smart grid communications. With its rich features, the network can support legacy and emerging applications and continue to evolve far into the future.

Optimize operations

Manage grids efficiently to deliver better power quality, defer capacity investments and reduce carbon emissions

Enable smarter applications

Leverage substation automation, synchrophasor and new IoT technologies, along with legacy SCADA and teleprotection

Streamline communications

Migrate all operations and enterprise traffic to a single, private, converged communications network with common management

We provide critical WAN solutions that leverage IP/MPLS, packet microwave and packet optical networking technologies to create smart, flexible, secure and scalable communications networks for smart grid applications. With its virtual private network (VPN) capability, IP/MPLS enables utilities to build versatile, service-aware networks for individual applications with service-level privacy, security and reliability that are converged onto a common WAN.


A Nokia converged, critical WAN offers advanced capabilities:

  • Asymmetrical Delay Control (ADC) for teleprotection support
  • Flexible SCADA migration to IP/MPLS network
  • Advanced security features across multiple network layers
  • Holistic security management that spans multi-vendor and multi-technology IT and OT environments
  • High-availability non-stop routing and non-stop service
  • Common service and management environment to simplify operations
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Get a smarter WAN for your smart grid

Our converged, critical WANs provide critical connections with required security, reliability and performance to enable smart applications that improve operations efficiency, enhance reliability and safety. Our comprehensive approach includes professional services that span the transition lifecycle to ensure your success. And our solutions work with products from a full ecosystem of partners.

Improving capacity and performance for smart grid operations with converged, critical WANs

Discover our critical WAN building blocks


  • Network Services Platform
    End-to-end network and service automation, management and assurance for IP/MPLS and Ethernet networks