Network services platform

Management and SDN control for automation, optimization and assurance of IP/optical networks

The Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) provides automation to deliver transport services faster, SDN control to optimize network utilization and traffic engineering, as well as dynamic assurance for operating the network with maximum performance and reliability.

NSP brings more efficiency across multi-vendor IP/MPLS, Ethernet and optical networks, whether virtualized or physical – this lowers operating costs and enables services to be delivered to market faster.

With NSP:

  • Break-down organizational barriers through a unified platform for multiple network domains and technologies
  • Leverage past investments and secure future evolution with a flexible and modular approach that matches your needs
  • Enable fine-grain programmability and workflow management for improved operations and easy integration with existing systems and processes
  • Reduce pressure on expert network engineering staff and specialized networking tools with quicker, simplified operational procedures

Key benefits


Abstract the ever increasing network complexity and diversity


Make the most of your people and network resources


Quickly respond to fast changing market demand


Ensure quality of experience for every individual user and application

Awards and recognition

Deepfield + NSP: Powering intelligent network services with real-time, insight-driven automated networking

Machine-learning in NSP

  • MEF18

    MEF18 – Carrier Ethernet / IP Technology Solution award for Nokia insight-driven IP networking (Nokia NSP+Deepfield+FP-4)

  • Leading-Lights-winner

    2016 Leading Lights – Most Innovative SDN Product Strategy award for Nokia NSP WAN SDN Controller

  • Global-data

    GlobalData – Reports Nokia NSP as “Leader” in Deployment Readiness and Solution Breadth in WAN SDN Controller: Competitive Assessment

  • ACG

    ACG – Reports Nokia NSP as a Global Market Share Leader in SP Multilayer Software Defined Network (SDN)


ROI for flexible bandwidth services


Less time and cost for on-demand service provisioning


More revenue-generating traffic on existing network

"In order for SDN to mean we can really improve our customer experience and impact our network economics, we need approaches that consider the real-time state of the network and relate it to the requirements of the service we provide. Doing so allows us to assure performance, and optimise resource usage across all our network layers. Tightly coupling service requirements and performance with network control, as in NSP, promises to deliver real-world benefits of centralised optimisation whilst exploiting the strength of our existing distributed network."

Rob Shakir / BT End-to-End Network Architect

"We applaud NOKIA's initiatives to bring closed-loop automation to networks, and to help apply these modern methods to the large installed base of technology - achieving business transformation even ahead of underlying technology transformation"

Grant Lenahan
Grant Lenahan / Partner and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research Group

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