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Webscale networking for the cloud era

The cloud requires a new approach to data center interconnection.

Nokia webscale networking solutions enable you to build automated, scalable and reliable interconnection platforms that deliver richer cloud applications and services to your customers while increasing operations efficiency.

What is webscale networking?

As a webscale company, you rely on data centers and network infrastructure to host and deliver the cloud services that your customers demand. With webscale networking, you can build network infrastructure and data center interconnection platforms that dynamically connect your customers to cloud services anytime and anywhere. These services can run in your own and third-party data centers, on- and off-premises, in the edge and in the core, and in public, private and hybrid clouds.

Webscale networking applies to all types of webscale companies that need to scale their infrastructure massively to support the cloud, including cloud providers, carrier-neutral network operators, internet exchange providers, data center operators, colocation providers and hosting providers.

How you benefit from webscale networking

Webscale networking includes IP, optical and data center network solutions that make it simpler to respond to your customers’ increasingly elastic demand for bandwidth, capacity, applications and services.

Our network automation, analytics and security solutions enhance your operational efficiency, give you more granular control and provide stronger cyber protection for your customers and business.

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The edge and core data centers that make up the cloud form an ecosystem that enables digital transformation and the digital economy. IP interconnection and peering connect your customers to networks, data centers, services and applications in this ecosystem regardless of their location. They enable the regional and global networks that connect and interconnect cloud data centers to exchange traffic in a scalable, secure and reliable way.

Our high-performance edge and core routers let you implement secure, high-density IP interconnection, peering and routing at speeds of 400GE, 800GE and above. This means you can keep pace with increasing traffic demands without compromising efficiency, performance or edge functionality such as traffic engineering and DDoS mitigation.

IP interconnection case studies

Leading internet exchange providers use Nokia 7750 Service Routers to support IP interconnection and peering at speed and scale.

IP network architecture

Cloud infrastructure needs a network architecture that enables IP routing at scale. 

Our IP routing solutions enable IP network architecture that provides secure and reliable interconnection, peering and data center gateway functions and highly scalable, high-performance and efficient IP backbone routing. They let you deliver latency-sensitive applications at the edge, close to customers, while delivering latency-tolerant applications from the core. 

With our solutions, you can optimize your IP network architecture to support key functions such as security, traffic engineering and DDoS protection at the edge without compromising performance while scaling, simplifying and increasing the efficiency of the core.

Data center interconnection

The cloud era demands network infrastructure that can interconnect the edge and core data centers that are home to the business ecosystems that enterprises use and rely on.

Optical data center interconnect

Cloud applications require huge amounts of data to be transported and replicated between data centers. 

Our optical networking solutions provide these capabilities with high-speed, low-latency data center interconnect (DCI). They enable you to scale your network without limits and provide massive optical connectivity – from the edge to the core, across metro, regional, long-haul and subsea links. 

By deploying our solutions, you can simplify optical network operations with automation that streamlines service delivery and lowers total cost of ownership. You can also offer wholesale optical transport and DCI services to customers to extend your reach, gain access to new markets and connect edge and core data centers. 

IP-optical automation

IP analytics and security

Data Center Fabric

Webscale networking resources

IP performance at scale

Deliver routing and peering at scale to support cloud, 5G, IoT, AI and Industry 4.0 applications.

Explore IP performance at scale

Optimized IP architecture

Scale IP network architecture without sacrificing capacity, features or performance.

Explore optimized IP architecture

High capacity optical DCI

Maximize the capacity and reach of your optical network with our super coherent PSE chipsets.

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Subsea optical networks

Maximize cable span, optimize spectral efficiency and reduce costs with our subsea solutions. 

Explore subsea optical networks

Agile, responsive network automation

Enable multi-cloud environments from edge to core with an automated multi-layer, multi-domain network.

Explore agile, responsive network automation

Real-time analytics and control

Implement real-time analytics, push-based telemetry and model-driven programmability with SDN control.

Explore real-time analytics and control

DDoS protection and mitigation

Combine real-time analytics and packet filtering at scale to protect against volumetric DDoS attacks.

Explore DDoS protection and mitigation

Open, automated data center switching

Scale your data center network with an open and resilient NOS and NetOps automation tools.

Explore open, automated data center switching

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