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SCPortal – Supply Chain Portal

Integrating you into our virtual supply chain

The Nokia Supply Chain Portal (SCPortal) is a platform that integrates Nokia organizations, trading partners, and eMarketplaces to create real-time global visibility and decision-making control over the virtual supply chain. The SCPortal is a gateway to information, applications, and global data. It also defines common processes across Nokia's virtual trading community. Lastly, the SCPortal enables secure communication and collaboration between Nokia and supply chain partners.

Note: Access to information on the SCPortal can range from being available to all users to being very restricted based upon the sensitivity of the specific information and a particular user's business need to know.

SCPortal benefits


Aggregation of restricted access and general access data


  • Global visibility of inventory and both net and gross demand data
  • Visibility to supplier invoice information
  • Access to Nokia technical and related supplier documentation

Collaborative processes

  • Inventory rebalancing
  • Project collaboration

Alerting capability to users of key supply chain events

  • Visibility and management of assembly RFQ/pricing processes
  • Component shortage escalation and order cancellations
  • EMS claims reconciliation processes

Nokia works closely with prime suppliers to drive inclusions throughout our supply chain.

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