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From innovation to impact

We’re innovators

Nokia champions long-term research. Only by diving deep into today’s scientific and technical challenges can we shape the technologies of the future and create a more productive, sustainable and inclusive world. However, not every innovation that comes out of Nokia Bell Labs or Nokia Technologies has an immediate application to Nokia’s business. That’s where Nokia Ventures comes in, providing an avenue for bringing new technologies and ideas to market.

Nokia Ventures - Inventing with purpose

Our Innovation Framework provides multiple ways of exploring adjacent technologies to Nokia’s core business. We have NGP Capital, which directly invests in independent startups. But it is through Ventures that we are able to make the most of the world-class innovation coming out of Nokia Bell Labs and Nokia Technologies. Nokia Ventures identifies research and business-model innovations that have a high potential for commercialization but don’t fit into Nokia’s product lines. Given the deep tech nature of Nokia Bell Labs research, this allows Nokia to participate in some of the most exciting areas, including managing renewable resources, industrial digital twinning, metaverse, cloud solutions and APIs.

New venture studio and venture partnerships

Nokia also works closely with the venture capital community to identify new opportunities in the rapidly changing tech world. Partnering with America’s Frontier Fund and Roadrunner Venture Studios, Nokia is launching a new venture studio with the goal of commercializing the next generation of critical technology in the US. This studio will be situated in New Jersey, the iconic home of Bell Labs innovation for over 80 years. Nokia is also engaging with with Celesta Capital to jointly invest in high-growth ventures based on research from Nokia Bell Labs.

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External venture studio and VC partnerships create a new path for value creation of Nokia Bell Labs Innovations

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