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Our company performance

2019 financial highlights


Net sales


Operating margin


R&D expenses


Net cash and current financial investments as of December 31, 2019


Country in operation

~98 000

Average number of employees in 2019

No dividend is proposed by the Board of Directors related to the financial year 2019

What’s driving our performance

5G is changing how people live, work and communicate. Whole industries are being transformed. Networks are becoming faster and more responsive. Digitalization and automation are making Industry 4.0 a reality.

We are addressing these changes around the globe through our strategy and end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services.

Our strategy

Our "Rebalancing for Growth" strategy sets the right direction for Nokia. We have focused it to reflect the progress so far and to accelerate further execution.

Annual report strategy section

Our strategy

Reportable segments

As of January 2019 Nokia has three reportable segments. Nokia also discloses segment-level data for Group Common and Other.


Nokia provides net sales disclosure for the following businesses i.e. reportable businesses: 

  • Mobile Access, which comprises our Mobile Networks and Global Services business groups
  • Fixed Access, which comprises our Fixed Networks business group
  • IP Routing and Optical Networks, which combined comprise our IP/Optical Networks business group

Nokia Software

Nokia Technologies 

Group Common and Other

Business groups

1. Mobile Networks 

The primary market for our Mobile Networks business group includes technologies for mobile access and microwave transport. This encompasses access network technologies ranging from 2G to 5G licensed and unlicensed spectrum for both macro and small cell deployments.

View Mobile Networks in annual report