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We believe in technology with a purpose. Technology that helps resolve society’s many challenges and enables new and exciting opportunities, making communities smarter and more sustainable, transportation and cities safer, and enterprises more agile and efficient. Connectivity provides the very fabric to make life more sustainable.

We also work hard to connect the unconnected and bridge the digital divide. In 2019 for example we delivered technology and better network capacity and coverage in emerging and other markets such as Algeria, Aruba, Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sudan, the Marianas, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, and Vietnam.

IT and communications technology helps people to manage their lives, to make the choices that matter to them, to experience the things they enjoy and need, to access public services for support when needed -to live a better life. 5G will be the basis of major leaps forward in many areas of life and no aspect of life will be untouched by the positive impact of technology.


We are rolling out 5G networks in all regions of the world. Read more on 5G in action here.

5G - Delivering the extraordinary

5G networks will bring the extraordinary to normal life. High capacity and low latency (low delay), real time access to information and data, making us all hyper connected to what matters to us and to amazing experiences, will provide the foundation for the digital infrastructure of the future.

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5G - Delivering the extraordinary

Industry 4.0 grows stronger

Connectivity everywhere and automation and improved analytics combined in 2019 to drive Industry 4.0 forward at a rapid speed. Situational awareness is enabled by connectivity everywhere, and when brought together with today’s analytics allows increased intelligent automation of all kinds of systems.

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Industry 4.0 marches on

Technology and the future of human existence

Learn how the physical reality and close proximity that has defined humans for tens of thousands of years has been massively disrupted over the last century as mass movements of people have disconnected them from their cultures and values. Digital networks and platforms have attempted to solve this conundrum by allowing people to form virtual communities online. Is it time to get it right?

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Technology and the future of human existence

Developing digitally enabled villages in India

The need for inclusive economic growth and the necessity to enable underprivileged communities is immense for India in order to reap its demographic dividends. The Smartpur project aims to fulfil the desire and need to leverage technology for individual and community growth.


The project began in the last quarter of 2017 in twenty villages in two different geographies (Haryana in northern India and Tamil Nadu in southern India). The project is geographically expanding to reach 100 villages across 7 states of India, adding Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka.

A range of interventions around 5 areas of socio-economic development are being designed, planned and executed at different Smartpur locations. These are education, health, livelihoods, financial inclusion and governance.

Connectivity chart

The project includes an innovative toolkit that ensures digital literacy through games, entertainment and activities. Pictorial cards, dice, a thread ball, sketch pens and some handy booklets are used to ensure that first-generation technology users learn basics about computers and how to browse, download, search and communicate using the internet and different apps. Communities in all 100 Smartpur locations have access to the START kit that is used to make them digitally literate. Children as well as adults including women have become familiar with computers and the internet by virtue of this interactive kit.

Smartpur collaborated with IDFC Bank to bring micro ATMs to its hubs and spokes.In this unique outreach model, correspondents serve customers in remote areas at their doorstep. This micro ATM often referred to as “bank in a box” is a huge relief for the community. It cuts down on their transportation costs and saves a great deal of time. For many, especially the sick and the old, it has provided a means to complete financial transactions pending for a long time. 2543 people in the Smartpur locations took advantage of the micro ATMs. These combined with the Smartpur mobile internet access offering enabled people like Jagir Singh of Khanpur village of Bharatpur in Rajasthan get easier access to his pension. Earlier, Jagir had to travel 8 kms to his bank to withdraw his pension. The Smartpur facilitators now bring the microATM to him.

Developing digitally enabled villages in India