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Our people

We work to create a culture that is inclusive, diverse and empowering

Our people strategy is anchored in and linked to our company purpose. At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together and our people are at the heart of how we achieve that and deliver on our commitments.

The new people strategy is built on four pillars: Growing together, Leading Lights, We belong, and Experience is everything.

Growing together

We work together to align personal and professional growth with the need to sustain Nokia’s business growth.

Leading lights

Our leaders create a working environment in which people can be open, fearless, and empowered, developing themselves and their teams.

We belong

We have a sense of belonging at Nokia and feel personally connected to our colleagues and our work.

Experience is everything

Our daily experiences enable each of us to be ourselves, free to focus, create and innovate.

Our people strategy further cements our guiding principles for our ways of working which we call our essentials. They were created in collaboration with our people and customers, and they reflect what we all want to experience working with and for Nokia: being open, fearless, and empowered.


Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the basis for our labor conditions and is underpinned by our Global Human Resources Framework and local employment laws, policies and practices. We adhere to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact. Wherever we operate we meet and often strive to exceed the requirements of labor laws and regulations. We publish information related to policies and guidelines on our intranet. Our Code of Conduct applies to all our employees.

Our third party Code of Conduct

Nokia has a dedicated Commercial Third Party Code of Conduct to address the unique needs of the relationship with commercial third parties. It is available in eight languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish).

Our Code of Ethics

Nokia also has a separate Code of Ethics highlighting additional responsibilities and is applicable to the President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, and Corporate Controller.

Ready for the future of work

In June 2021 Nokia announced increased choice and flexibility for employees following COVID-19. Around 26,000 employees responded to a company-wide survey about their remote working experience during, the COVID-19 pandemic, and their opinions were also sought on their preferences for working after the pandemic. As a result, new guidelines came into effect from 1 January 2022, that provide flexibility for employees to work up to three days a week remotely, as well as increased support for flexible working hours and fully virtual working.

Two new benefit policies were also announced in 2022 in unison with our new people strategy. These new benefits will extend support that already exists in some countries to all our people worldwide, turning the benefits that some employees already enjoy into a global minimum standard for all our people.

Nokia office

Read more details on our new flexible working practices link: Nokia increases choice and flexibility for employees following COVID-19 | Nokia

A New Child Leave policy

will provide any Nokia employee who becomes a parent, regardless of gender, with at least 90 calendar days of paid leave and the right to return to work up to one year following the date of birth or adoption.

A Global Life Insurance policy

will ensure that the loved ones of any Nokia employee who dies will receive financial support of not less than one year’s capped gross base salary.

Continuous learning

The market for skilled employees in our business is extremely competitive. To help us adapt to changing labour market dynamics, we are focused on building a human-centric, innovative, flexible organization. It is imperative that we continue to focus on motivation, inclusivity, creativity and continuous learning to build the skills we need for the future. We again held our annual Global Days of Learning where all employees can join virtual presentations, round tables and discussions. Topics this year included our sustainability strategic approach and a look into our work with human rights. NokiaEDU is the company’s learning organization that offers learning solutions to our customers, partners and employees.


525 000

Training hours we provided to our customers and partners in 2021.

27 000

the number of customer and employee registrations recorded by end of 2021 for the Nokia Bell Labs Certification Program.

Development, retention and support

We identify, develop, and retain skilled employees in our business. We therefore continually develop our culture, and refresh our talent management activities, performance support, and career development. Our performance and talent management approach creates a strategic and integrated framework which covers company goals, individual performance, talent management, career development, reward, and recognition.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

We respect the right to collective bargaining and freedom of association. Collective bargaining agreements are local, and in most countries where we have collective bargaining agreements employees who have chosen not to be members of a union are also covered. Employees can choose freely to join, not join, or leave unions and associations and select their representatives based on local and international practices. We encourage active, open communication and dialog with employees and/or their representatives.

In countries where local works councils operate, we work with them as needed. We communicate regularly with employees directly as well as in meetings such as the European Works Council (EWC) in Europe.

Employees and management prepare and participate in the annual EWC plenary. We offer free elections for employees to choose union representatives. The majority of production employees were represented by an independent trade union or covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Employee representatives are entitled to participate in trainings that are a necessity in order to take care of employee representative duties and to increase their awareness of trade union rights and obligations. Additionally, employee representatives are provided the opportunity to use company infrastructure during the workday.


Inclusion and diversity

At Nokia, we care about people. We are building a culture of belonging and personal connection. To truly act together we must be inclusive, offering equal opportunities so that everyone feels valued, heard, and able to contribute.

Why Inclusion & Diversity matter for Nokia

We believe that people and teams who feel included and safe demonstrate higher collective intelligence, better decision-making, problem solving, innovations and customer engagements.



A minimum of 26% female hires in global external recruits in 2022


Increase the share of women employees to 25% by 2030

How is Inclusion and Diversity managed

Inclusion & Diversity at Nokia is governed by the company's Inclusion and Diversity Steering Committee. The committee focuses on critical Inclusion and Diversity topics and ambitions that make a difference on Nokia-level.

The committee makes recommendations to the company's leadership team and ensures Nokia Inclusion and Diversity’s business relevance through connecting Inclusion and Diversity targets with company operations, strategy, and business objectives.

The committee creates wider accountability for the company's Inclusion and Diversity results and reports the progress to leaders and organization overall.

Nokia's Inclusion & Diversity Steering Committee consists of the head of Inclusion and Diversity, Head of People Direction, Head of People Value Proposition, Head of Sustainability, Chief Legal Officer, Legal & Compliance DEI Committee, business group representatives, Talent Attraction, and representatives of Nokia's major employee resource groups: ABLE, StrongHer and EQUAL.

What programs do we have

In 2021, we renewed our Inclusion and Diversity ambition, strategy, and targets to continuously improve inclusion of all our employees with a special focus on historically underrepresented groups. We introduced a mandatory training designed to help understand consequences of exclusionary behaviors.

We continue to drive improvements in gender diversity by:

woman in factory

Targeting 26% women in global external hiring, revising our recruitment process, and providing training to recruiters and managers on how to avoid bias. These actions increased the share of women hired in nearly every quarter compared to the previous quarter.

woman walking on a street

Monitoring pay equity. Assessment of the unexplained pay gap, as well as any mitigations required, are built into our annual salary review to ensure that any pay gaps remain closed.


Increasing our talent attraction activities to make Nokia’s brand stand out for its diversity friendly policies.

People taking a selfie

Running programs in collaboration with UN Women, our customers and internally to support women’s careers.

Who do we collaborate with or get rated by

We want to role-mode the best Inclusion and Diversity practices and consistently benchmark ourselves against other players in the tech industry. Our target is to consistently improve our position in global benchmarks such as Bloomberg Gender Equality Index and Workplace Pride which measure LGBT+ inclusion.

Workplace pride logo

In 2022, for the third consecutive year we were awarded Ambassador status by the Workplace Pride Global Benchmark alongside nine other companies and institutions.

Nordic Business Diversity Index logo

For the 3rd time Nokia assessed for its GLT and Board of Directors diversity across gender, age, nationality and educational background.
Nokia ranked 2nd in the Helsinki Large Cap category.


Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) awarded Nokia a score of 100% percent on the 2022 Corporate Equality Index and with this award HRC designated Nokia as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality. This Index is a US national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices supporting equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer employees.


For the 5th time, Nokia is ranked on Bloomberg's GEI.
With 83.3% our score is considerably higher than the tech industry's average score of 72.36%.

Porssisaatio logo

Awarded Nokia in the "Promote of Diversity" category per concrete I&D strategy, target setting and commitment by top leadership.

Nokia diversity data

Read more about Inclusion & Diversity at Nokia

Health and safety

Employees and contractors face inherent risks when installing and maintaining equipment and constructing base stations on behalf of our customers. We focus on ensuring that all our employees and contractors are aware of the risks related to their jobs and receive the necessary training and equipment to work safely, whether in the office or on site. We address job-related health and safety risks through training, analysis, assessments and consequence management.


Our approach to Health and Safety

Our strategic direction and policy for Health and Safety is set by representatives of the Group Leadership. Our senior leaders actively participate in risk and opportunity reviews globally. We expect our own employees, our suppliers, contractors, and other business partners to meet the same standards and place equally high priority on health, safety, and labor conditions in their operations.

Read more about our health and safety approach in our Code of Conduct

Our H&S management system is globally certified and based on the internationally recognized ISO 45001 standard. Coverage within the scope is comprehensive across the business and includes networks business groups, network services and installation, customer operations and supporting corporate functions. Our framework was audited in numerous locations and certified by third party Bureau Veritas.

Download our updated Health, safety and labor conditions policy

Key standards and programs

Our key standards Working at Height, Rigging & Lifting, and Driving and Electrical are implemented with non-negotiables for effective controls to manage risk on a global scale in all markets. Incident management, and reporting and investigation programs encourage all employees and contractors working on our behalf to report all incidents including near misses and high potential incidents.



  • Always wear a seat belt in any vehicle 
  • Do not drive distracted or tired 
  • Always drive at a safe speed for road, traffic and weather conditions


Work at Height

  • Always attach yourself and your equipment when working at height
  • Always make sure that no-one enters the space below when you are working at height

ethical work

Electrical work

  • Do not work live. Do not work on any electrical system unless you are trained


Rigging and lifting


Our wellbeing focus adjusted in 2020 to fit to the new circumstances where a temporary work from home policy was applied to the majority of employees globally. As everyone’s circumstances were very different, our wellbeing programs supported employees to cope with the situation both mentally and physically.

Our Good Day at Work

Good Day at Work

Supporting line managers and teams as they adapted to working remotely. A combination of e-learnings and virtual workshops enabled teams to have conversations about wellbeing and work-life balance in a structured, actionable way.

Our Wellbeing at work

Wellbeing at work. Find your balance

Helping employees discover what good looks like for them in relation to their working environment, mental wellbeing and team engagement, and guiding them to the relevant support.

Our Personal Support Service

Personal Support Service

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) continues to provide employees and their family members with confidential, professional support and guidance on a range of emotional, practical and work-life issues, including the opportunity to attend virtual learning events on a broad range of health and wellbeing related topics.