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Climate and ESG strategy

We address our own environmental footprint, focusing on both climate and circularity. We strive to minimize our footprint across Scope 1, 2 and 3 by actively and continually managing that footprint.

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Decarbonizing our value chain

We look to reduce the power consumption of our products across Nokia’s portfolio to improve energy efficiency and have the greatest direct impact on our carbon footprint.

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Circularity and geodiversity

At Nokia, we look at circularity from two perspectives. First, how we can increase the usage of non-virgin materials in the creation of new products and packaging. Second, how we can ensure maximum circularity of our operational value chain.

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Operations and supply chain

Our target is to reach 100% purchased electricity from renewable sources by 2025 across our facilities includes our offices, laboratories and our own factories.

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Although biodiversity is of increasing importance for our stakeholders, at Nokia we also look more broadly at our dependence on natural resources, including climate, biodiversity, and geological diversity (geodiversity).

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