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Making change happen together

Making change happen together

We understand that we can achieve much greater positive impact when we work with other stakeholders. No single organization can successfully and sustainably operate in isolation. Collaboration is key to creating shared value and enabling a more sustainable society and world. We are in the decisive decade and we must work together to increase the scope and scale of our sustainability efforts. Together we can make a much greater impact on the social, environmental, ethical and economic challenges of our time.

Since 2016, around 1 633 500 people have benefited from our corporate community investment programs.

Since 2016, around 1 633 500 people have benefited from our corporate community investment programs.

digi inclusion

Digital inclusion

The pandemic highlighted many inequalities including the extent of the digital divide. Remote and rural communities, as well as urban poor in G7 nations, have found themselves distanced socially, economically, and educationally due to poor or non-existent broadband services. Read more and download the eBook here

We were pleased to be ranked in the top 10 of the first Digital Inclusion Benchmark by the World Benchmarking Alliance, which measures how the world’s 100 most influential digital technology companies are helping to advance a more inclusive digital economy and society. We are committed in our efforts to tear down the barriers that are currently excluding billions of people from accessing and productively harnessing digital technologies. 
Find out more about the rankings here.

Highlights in 2019


Highlights in 2019

We understand that we cannot just concentrate on our own actions and challenges but need to work with a broad range of stakeholders that can bring their skills, knowledge and power to help resolve many of the environmental, social and governance challenges the world faces.

Collaboration is fundamental to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring that the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution and technology are available to all.

We engage with customers, suppliers, partners, industries, academia, non-governmental organizations, cities, governments and civil society, who all have an important role to play in making positive change happen.

We seek to cooperate on relevant projects where we believe we can make a contribution that has true impact, and where we can bring the benefits of technology.

Below is a summary of our global community investment projects in 2019. Read more details under Community investment and NGOs.

Supporting improved healthcare decisions in Indonesia

Since 2018 Nokia has provided support to UNICEF Finland and UNICEF Indonesia for a mobile health program across Indonesia that has provided tremendous results in terms of basic healthcare.  Now those learnings are being used to help fight the pandemic across Indonesia.

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Copyright: ©UNICEF/2020/Arimacs Wilander

Connecting schools in rural and disconnected urban settlements in Kenya

In September and October 2020, the first 10 schools across Kenya were successfully connected using Nokia Fixed Wireless Access solution, which is used to connect more children in a fast and efficient way with high-speed and high-capacity broadband needed for remote digital education. 

Read more here and watch the video here


Greenlight for girls

In 2019, Nokia enabled 1290 girls to experience a day of science together with international NGO, greenlight for girls. 255 Nokia employees volunteered and supported these events that took place in seven cities around the world


Copyright: Greenlight for girls, asbl, 2019

UNICEF in Kenya

Nokia teamed up with UNICEF and the Government of Kenya in a multipartner collaboration to bring internet connectivity and digital learning to disadvantaged Kenyan schools.

Unicef Kenya

Copyright: UNICEFKenya/2019/Ngochi

UNICEF in Indonesia

In Indonesia, we have worked together with UNICEF since 2017 to support the development of high-impact mobile health (mhealth) applications, facilitating efforts to improve health, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene at the community level.

Unicef Indonesia

Copyright: @UNICEF/Noorani

Save the Children in Myanmar

We finalized our 5-year program with Save the Children in Myanmar which improved access to and quality of preschool education for the most marginalized children and enhanced advocacy and policy engagement in the national education sector.

Copyright: Thein Zaw / Save the Children

Copyright: Thein Zaw / Save the Children


With Nokia’s Season’s Greetings donation support, Oxfam was able to support refugees affected by the Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh by introducing an e-voucher scheme.


Copyright: Maruf Hasan/Oxfam

Red Cross

With the aid of Nokia Season’s Greetings donation, the Finnish Red Cross provided disaster relief and deployed a field hospital to help victims of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique.

Copyright: Finnish Red Cross

Copyright: Finnish Red Cross

Plan International

Supported by Nokia’s Season’s Greetings campaign, Plan International continued its work with the Digital Gender Divide program, which builds up young people’s work-related skills and capacities in Uganda and Ethiopia.

Copyright: Ryan Atkinson / SMARTUP / Plan International

Copyright: Ryan Atkinson / SMARTUP / Plan International

Helping Hands

A community volunteering program based on employee engagement, which allows us to support 45 locally based community programs that are close to the hearts of our employees, covering a total of 30 countries. Read more here.

Helping hands


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Community investment and NGOs

Community investment and NGOs. We work around the world with a number of both large global Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), as well as locally with smaller more community-based NGOs.

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Governmental and multilateral organizations.

Governmental and multilateral organizations. We engage with policy makers, international and multilateral organizations, and civil society to help transform towards an inclusive digital economy and society.

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Industry, academia and beyond

Industry, academia and beyond. We hold memberships in many industry and international associations and other initiatives and networks. We also work with a broad range of academic institutions to drive innovation and research.

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