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24/7 network operations for business continuity


Nokia’s Network Operations Centers (NOC) have been monitoring and analyzing network traffic from around the world to predict, detect and resolve operational issues. As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to help clients maintain their networks in the face of extremely difficult conditions.

As the impact of the global pandemic became clear we evolved our Managed Service offering. Already, we remotely manage network operations for over 1 billion subscribers without fail. Now, Nokia will extend this service to enterprise or operator customers in need of additional, or out-of-hours, support. This is being offered not only for customers using full Nokia networks, but also those who might use Nokia equipment as part of a multi-vendor strategy.

Remote working, and the networks that enable it. are fast becoming the cornerstone of whole economies. For CSPs and enterprises, remote working is also essential as they work to keep networks up and running. What would be a challenge in normal circumstances is now even more so with greatly increased pressure on maintenance and operations teams from quality demands as well as capacity.

Using our proven approach to using Nokia Global Delivery Centers’ (GDC) geo-redundant interconnectivity and resilient digital operations resources, our NOC teams can implement a ‘hot-standby’ process. This will continually monitor a network, flags issues that arise, and can quickly takeover in case of needed. We aim, ultimately, for our NOCs to provide the insurance of business continuity for our customers.

What makes me really proud of our teams are the comments we receive from our managed services customers around the world. One operator in particular comes to mind. Whilst capacity was stretched to the maximum as most of the population work from home, I’m proud to say the Nokia delivery team rose to the challenge. Working remotely and focusing on the hot areas, speeding up modernization, optimizing existing assets and minimizing time for issue resolution. This directly improved the stability of networks which are relied on by millions of people each day. While that is reward in itself, this operator CEO has let us know that Nokia has handled the Covid19 business continuity planning really well, and pro-actively, and feels he can count on our extraordinary support in difficult situations in the future.

A three-phased approach

The NOC offer operates via a three-phase model, with customers able to choose and scale the service to their degree of support:

  • Phase 1: This includes non-Service Level Agreement (SLA) work with access over VPN, based on network operations, shadow alarm monitoring, critical fault management for critical nodes and performance reporting to the customer
  • Phase 2: Focuses on SLA based network operations, alarm monitoring, fault and performance management through dedicated IP/MPLS connectivity
  • Phase 3: In the longer term there is an opportunity for the operator to expand the scope of the managed service, building up to SLA based advanced network operations which, alongside the phase two benefits, includes configuration management and fulfilment

Nokia’s NOC emergency services can also be applied to all CSP and enterprise customers who are eager to minimize operational risk and cope with rising traffic – not just those in tough times because of COVID-19 disruption.

For now, however, it is business critical that networks continue to operate effectively and efficiently.

As CSPs and enterprises support those who rely on them, so we are here for our CSP and enterprise customers. Check out our full Managed Serviced capabilities here and get in touch to see how we can work together in this time of need.

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Friedrich Trawoeger

About Friedrich Trawoeger

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