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3 ways to improve customer experience in extraordinary times


Social distancing. Shelter in place. Stay home. These are the phrases we all live by right now. With everyone at home and online, the connectivity we take for granted as being always available is under pressure, trying to deliver everything to everyone virtually, simultaneously and constantly.

To stay connected while working and learning at home, everyone has turned to video conferencing, which is causing issues across platforms and networks. Entertainment streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and Disney+ have been asked to downgrade quality in Europe to take the pressure off. Businesses, governments and even consumers are being impacted by clogged phone lines and overloaded home WiFi, which means people contact call centers that can’t handle loads when they suffer closures and staff reductions during lockdowns.

So what can service providers do in the face of this chaos? Here are three steps you can take to make sure consumers and businesses have nothing to complain about regarding their services.

1. Use video analytics to ensure delivery of the best quality possible

 video analytics

Video has been a favorite format for some time, but during this crisis, usage of video has truly skyrocketed. With a 700% increase in video conferencing, 400% increase in gaming, and a 100% increase in streaming video entertainment, it’s obvious that this is the #1 service in demand. Making sure you’re able to look into all this encrypted and unencrypted video from the devices — all the way through the radio, core, transport and beyond — is a must for catching all the issues and keeping those services operating smoothly.

2. Leverage home analytics and self-serve customer care to optimize the environment most people are now in 24/7

home analytics

Up to 80% of customer service calls originate in the home and 10% of those require technician visits.  Anything that can automate handling of customers and optimization of the home will make a huge difference. Combining analytics on devices and the home network, with self-serve customer care and automated AI workflows, can solve home issues — with 95% accuracy and no technician visits. This takes the pressure off call centers and ensures working/learning/staying busy at home is the best experience possible.

3. Lean on monetization solutions to adjust packages on the fly and keep people connected:

keeping people connected

Service providers have been adjusting packages during this crisis, introducing provisions like boosting broadband speeds for those on speed-limited plans. Promotions usually take weeks or months to plan and launch, so being able to handle all the steps involved — and get promotions out in less than four hours — is a measure of agility that is necessary in this environment. That speed made one of our customers first to the market with their changes during the lockdowns.

While we believe these are the ways to improve things now, it’s worth keeping an eye on what will impact customer experience in the near future. Think about connecting the unconnected in a world where most updates around this virus are digital. Think about all the devices likely to be spawned in the wake of this that will have to be managed.

  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to connect the unconnected with zero touch: Delivering 4G/5G FWA to those with no connectivity and those who want options beyond their current provider. Offering self-install with no technicians, an easy-to-use app, hardware that identifies the optimum location for good signal and continuous care.
  • IoT management of devices as virtual everything proliferates: Centrally managing IoT devices with global scale as they increase penetration into homes for e-learning, telemedicine, immersive experiences like entertainment, and more tools to work remotely.

We create the technology that connects the world, and we intend to keep delivering on our promise to help everyone stay connected through our customers. To learn more about how we can help you keep your customers connected, please visit

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