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3G is thriving & the secret’s in the software

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Nokia keeps 3G very relevant with new software updates

We hear a lot about 5G these days, but what about 3G? Many operators are keen to leverage their 3G investment and ensure subscribers a great experience on 3G networks as well. Nokia continues to release 3G software and keeps operator networks current.

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And you don’t have to take our word for it about the benefits new software delivers. Here are some of the comments we’ve received lately as part of our regular customer service experience feedback sessions:

  • “Nokia delivers 3G features which are well timed and support the needs we have on the network today.”
  • “Nokia's 3G and LTE products are the most stable in the market, and they're very easy to upgrade and operate. By contrast, with the other suppliers we always need to do something else, like add another feature or we need to adapt something in the OSS which wasn't considered before. As opposed to that, Nokia is always very clear about what we need to do and we know that they will provide everything for the operation and we won't need anything else, and that's good.”
  • “One of Nokia's strong points is the quality of their software.”

If you haven’t heard of the Mobile Network benchmark tests by P3 for Connect Test Magazine, then it’s worth checking out – both from an operator and user perspective. It’s usually the operators running Nokia RAN who are winning these tests, year after year

With Nokia 3G software, you just need to activate the features to get the benefits. As an example, one major Asian operator activated a set of three uplink features from our current WCDMA 16 release, simultaneously to their live network and achieved gains of up to 24% in uplink throughput. The feature pack makes the uploading of photos and videos so much faster, keeping subscribers on board and using key services.

WCDMA 16 release features unwrapped:

  • RACH Capacity Increase - With increase in penetration of HS RACH devices, more RACH preamble signatures may be needed. In WCDMA 16, it’s possible to configure up to 16 RACH preamble signatures in line with the 3GPP standards. This feature improves the overall end user experience by guaranteeing better accessibility in high loaded cells. The result is less upload interference and faster access.
  • Advanced HSUPA Time Division Scheduling - With this feature, users create less interference when transmitting data, resulting in up to 20% uplink throughput gain.
  • Activity Based Power Control for R99 - This minimizes uplink interference from CS voice calls. When there is no data to send, the interference of the control channel can be minimized by cutting the terminal’s transmission power and waking it up again once the silent period is over.

Watch for these upcoming releases

Features in our upcoming WCDMA 17 Software Release are poised to deliver substantially improved customer experience at mass events.

This release introduces new solutions for high load conditions and voice call handling, higher data rates and increased system capacity. It supports up to 30% more HSUPA users through new more flexible carrier aggregation configurations and more efficient use of the baseband resources. It will also introduce effective multi-operator network sharing and Serviceability and Monitoring features, with new remote testing capabilities that cut operational expenditure

Discover additional  3G capabilities in my earlier blog and on our dedicated WCDMA/HSPA webpage.

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Anna-Kaarina Pietilä

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