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5G Advances Real-time Healthcare

While nearly every industry is immersed in digital transformation that will have an unprecedented effect on the innovation of businesses, few of these efforts will have a more profound impact on our lives than the digital transformation happening in healthcare. Digital healthcare technologies present new opportunities to realize operational efficiencies through automation and improve patient outcomes through the delivery of real-time care.

CIOs in the most pioneering healthcare organizations have developed digital transformation strategies and are already becoming powerful agents of change, rolling out technologies to support the real-time orchestration and execution of healthcare resources and assets. At the heart of this transformation is the network. It is the foundation depended upon to deliver critical health activities quickly and to keep operations running reliably. If the network is too slow or compromised and the information is delayed, it could harm a patient in need of urgent care.

A wide range of new and evolving technologies are the fundamental enablers of digital innovations and increasing demand for faster connection speeds. Virtualization, cloud, artificial intelligence, mobility, and smart devices are all transforming health organizations into those that are more aware, collaborative and patient-centric. These technologies have begun to lay the foundation for real-time care, and the rapidly approaching availability of 5G, with its considerable boost in transfer speeds, will play an important role in its effective delivery.

As advanced services such as remote health monitoring that enable doctors to extend care into the patient’s homes, and remote surgery that allows surgeons to haptically care for patients in remote locations become mainstream, the requirement for higher speed, lower latency, reliability, and security in the wireless network will be crucial for successful implementation.

Visit us at HiMSS19 to learn more about the latest advances in 5G and how it will enable real-time healthcare. Nokia is in Verizon’s booth #1959 where we will show a live demonstration of 5G diagnostics and medical services for remote and rural locations and a smart ambulance, using real-time data and network edge artificial intelligence over 5G, to assist in saving the lives of patients who are in route to the hospital.

Nokia at the Verizon booth #1959
February 11-15, 2019
Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center

Nokia will present in the Verizon Theater on the following dates and times:
Tuesday, Feb 12, 5:00 pm
Wednesday, Feb 13, 12:00 pm
Thursday, Feb 14, 2:00 pm

Did you know? Nokia partners with Verizon to deliver fast, reliable network services and small cell capabilities to support connectivity goals for organizations across the healthcare ecosystem.

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Cindy Bergevin

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Cindy leads enterprise healthcare marketing at Nokia where she reaches out to healthcare systems around the world to help them with their digital transformations in order to become real-time healthcare systems. Tweet @CindyBergevin

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