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5G: The pervasive infrastructure

Networks are pervasive by nature, connecting us in so many ways, but we are about to undergo a massive shift in the way we experience connectivity.  5G will fundamentally change the way in which the world communicates.  Introducing new radio systems and network architecture, 5G networks will be flexible and reliable, offering extreme performance in many ways to meet a huge range of uses.  Whether delivering UHD video or immersive experiences, controlling robots in a factory or connecting healthcare sensors, 5G networks must support a diversity of uses cases, all while providing extreme broadband, ultra-low latency and reliability. 

It’s not only a new air interface but a new generation of radio systems and network architecture working together.  Nokia and BT are bringing this pervasive network to 5G World.  Achieving the full potential of 5G demands an end-to-end architecture approach that supports a wide range of technical and commercial requirements.  At 5G World, we will be showing how with the 5G Future X end-to-end portfolio of solutions, software and services.

Use cases and new opportunities for monetization

5G pervasiveness is not just about the technology, but also the use cases it delivers.  For example, 5G is already creating and delivering the ultimate fan experience in stadiums and to users at home.  Starting in the stadium, we have a live demo using 5G New Radio demonstrating its ability to deliver multiple synched high-def 4K broadcast video streams uplink over gigabit capacity 5G millimeter wave connection, eliminating costly and time consuming fiber deployment.

Leveraging edge computing technology, the multi-cast video content arrives to the local cloud mixing facility in the stadium.  BT creates the ultimate fan experience over 5G in the venue offering different viewing angles on spectators’ mobile devices in real-time.

During 5G World we are showcasing the scenario described in a live over-the-air 5G demonstration using a prototype Qualcomm device.

5G World

This pervasive network enabled by 5G offers new opportunities for monetization.  Nokia Bell Labs and BT Labs are collaborating on the realization of new services by using network slicing in a fixed/mobile converged 5G network. In one example we demonstrate how seamless telepresence services can be delivered to home and office environments, clearly showing how both fixed and mobile access networks are anchored in a 5G core.  With this ‘converged’ network we are able to deliver the optimal user experience via the network slice supporting an E2E low latency throughout the system design with latency-aware multi-connectivity running at Layer 4.

Achieving the full potential of 5G calls for an end-to-end approach that supports a wide range of technical and commercial requirements. Networks can deliver converged solutions covering extreme mobile broadband with increased network speed and capacity, while making use of additional spectrum bands and fixed networks anchored in a 5G core. 

The pervasive network is built on 5G and it starts now.


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