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Adapt, scale up and monetize with 5G

Change is a fact of life, but the speed of change is breathtaking. On average, today’s workforce will have held between eight and ten jobs before they retire. For millennials it is more likely to be ten to twelve. Change significantly impacts businesses too. They blossom and fade just as frequently, with many long established brands having disappeared as the world goes digital. Consumers and businesses live and work in digital time – online, in the moment, and constantly connected to a global economy embarking on its 4th Industrial Revolution.

We live in extraordinary times. We have apps, emails, instant messaging, texts, and social media feeds driven to systems and devices that are present in our personal and working lives 24/7. Consequently we interact, buy, game and work whenever and where-ever we want, but we are always looking at ways to do more with our time. Consumers and businesses look for faster response times – to get the best deal or monetize opportunities as they arise, and they want to spend the minimum amount of time doing so.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to meet these challenges daily and prepare for the ever growing demand for mobile data. How can they offer so much to so many, efficiently and in the moment, and carve a revenue stream for themselves?

Fortunately, 5G offers higher data rates, near zero response times and is adaptable to a diverse set of use cases. Nokia’s AirScale radio with 5G cloud native core provides the flexibility to adapt in the moment. It leverages Edge Cloud deployments to deliver the changes in less than a blink of an eye, with everything connected with our Anyhaul transport portfolio.

Once CSPs have taken their strong first steps for 5G, they need to ‘scale up’ their business to capitalize on these opportunities to deliver innovative and compelling services to a wide range of market segments. For example, Nokia’s collaboration with Deutsche Telekom and the Hamburg Port Authority addresses the customer’s needs for lean, integrated and automated operations in the port area. As well as managing up to 1 million sensors/km2, 5G can manage multiple use cases simultaneously. Using network slicing, CSPs can provision network resources, for a specific service or application, with customized speeds, capacity, and latency that match the needs of their business customers.

Nokia has the skills and portfolio to help CSPs derisk and optimize 5G deployments and identify some of the 5G killer apps to invest in. The Nokia 5G Future X solution framework means that we can engage with CSPs to meet their needs. And we can offer an end-to-end, pre-integrated approach across a comprehensive portfolio that delivers faster deployments, lower costs and higher performance. 5G Future X will fully equip CSPs for the extraordinary times ahead.

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Clare McCarthy

About Clare McCarthy

Clare is responsible for the marketing and campaign strategy for #5G. She has spent over 25 years in the telecoms industry, including many years as an industry analyst. All of this is a bit of a surprise as she initially planned to be a ballerina. Clare is passionate about the socio-economic benefits of digitalization, and sees #5G as a key enabling technology for the #4IR.

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