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Advancing digital transformation at HPE Discover 2016

The fast-shifting technology landscape is opening up some intriguing opportunities for both enterprises and service providers to make their businesses more connected and efficient. Comprehensive digital transformation strategies are emerging across all manner of industries driven by the he availability of digital data, process automation and interconnection of value chains, coupled with the rise of smart machines and autonomous devices.

As technology architecture leaders now focus on building a digital foundation for their business, they’re having to  rethink their entire IT infrastructure based onthree key building blocks: the cloud, communications & collaboration, and the network.

This may sound like a daunting prospect, but this digital transformation need not be painful or disruptive with partner support. Toward this end, Nokia will join IT executives, network architects, and engineers at HPE Discover 2016, on June 7-9 in Las Vegas, where Hewlett-Packard Enterprise partners and thought-leaders from around the world gather to discuss the digital transformation journeys of industry-leading companies. Together, Nokia and HPE are helping customers to build a digital foundation that will control costs, increase access, and improve customer experience.

So what does this look likein practical terms? Through a private or hybrid cloud-based infrastructure, disparate technologies become a part of a single platform connected through the network, as perhaps the most important element. Choosing the right network is a critical factor in delivering a high-performing cloud environment.

To effectively transform to a digital business model, IT infrastructure must become agile and virtualized, and the network must become as dynamic and consumable as the computing infrastructure. At HPE Discover, Nokia will highlight exactly how this can play out in practice through a series of demonstrations including:

Coming to Vegas?

Find us at booth #102 and welcome to these event presentations:

SD-WAN; the killer app for SDN is policy-based automation for the WAN

Tuesday, June 7,  11:00 am - 12:00 pm  (Session # TB10034)Learn how to reduce WAN connectivity costs and dramatically simplify network operations for branch offices and remote sites with SD-WAN automation. Service providers are now offering a new generation of lower-cost, flexible VPN services to cloud customers at scale. Using remotely managed white-box networking devices can further reduce costs.  

Transforming to a hybrid cloud; the role of cloud data center interconnect (DCI)

Wednesday, June 8,  2:30 – 3:30 pm  (Session # TB10034)Find out how to extend SDN across the WAN between multiple data centers using cloud data center Interconnect (DCI). Discover how to connect enterprise data centers and cloud provider IT resources to create a secure private/hybrid cloud environment. Implement secure data replication and BCDR between data centers in the private hybrid cloud.

Jeff Chuck

About Jeff Chuck

Jeff leads Nokia's global relationship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where he has a global team focused on Joint Go To Market (JGTM) initiatives with HPE to successfully shape and satisfy customer requirements for highly reliable and scalable networking and communications solutions. A West Point grad, Jeff began his telecommunications career after leaving the U.S. Army as a Military Intelligence Officer in 1996.

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