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Asia Pacific Telecom wows with augmented reality in new Gt 4G flagship store

This blog is by Betty Wu at Nokia Networks, Strategic Partner Manager for Foxconn Group.
Twitter: @nokianetworks

Enhancing the shopping experience at Gt Life store in Taipei

Some store openings are more memorable than others. This was one of them!

Greetings from Taipei, where Asia Pacific Telecom was determined to wow visitors with the opening of its flagship ‘Gt Life’ store. Building on the aptly named Gt 4G brand - which stands for three things: ‘Great Technology’, ‘Get Together' and ‘Good Time’ - the operator used Nokia's Liquid Applications to bring the brand to life by providing a real-time augmented reality (AR) experience for the store customers.

Gt = Great technology

Your mobile device has the ability to process information at high speed, but sometimes mobile networks can slow things down. Think about digital content that you access day-to-day: it has to travel a very long way to reach you, and encounters many bottlenecks on its journey. But think about content being closer to you, essentially right at your fingertips. Being that close means it’s instantly available to you and suffers no delay. Through mobile edge computing, Nokia’s Liquid Applications makes it possible by improving download times up to 80%, since content is located within close proximity. And this great technology was on full display at the Gt Life store opening via some cool AR applications.

Gt = Get together

The first AR application was aimed at bringing the world closer together. It was presented through a Gt theme postcard in which a European style city apperared when scanned with a mobile phone’s camera. Not only did visitors experience exceptional download speeds while immersing themselves in Gt’s European setting as they raced with the company's mascot, it also gave them insight into how places they visit could be brought to life through their mobile devices.


Gt = Good time

The second AR application showcased a popular concept amongst young people - the photobooth app. Visitors could scan a wall-sized poster of the Gt robot brand mascot and see it suddenly appear life-size in front of their eyes! As a social media fan, I was particularly impressed to see the robot run a lap in front of me before striking a pose so that I could take a photo and share it online. How cool is that!

As a mobile edge computing initiative, Liquid Applications is paving the way to a new generation of speed-enhanced and deeply immersive services and applications.

Our lives are becoming ever more integrated with technology, and the services we use demand blistering speeds. Liquid Applications will bring us closer to a truly connected world with the most intelligent mobile infrastructure on earth.

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