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Automate and digitize for efficient 5G deployment

Digital transformation is essential for operators to reach the full potential of 5G. The adoption of automation, AI and the digitalization of assets are vital steps to achieve this. It is our mission to guide Communication Service Providers (CSPs) on their digital transformation journey. As I told at our Global Analyst Forum last week, to deliver this we transformed our service delivery. Nokia adopted a digital architecture to deploy, operate and maintain the next generation 5G networks. This means we enable CSPs faster time to market, the ability to manage the complexity 5G brings and finally to enable the operators to monetize 5G in areas such as IoT and enterprise.

But it’s crucial to take this in steps. The first priority for CSPs must be to define the right 5G strategy and launch the live network so they can capture 5G market share with subscribers. Digitalization enabled us to rollout 5G up to 50% faster than before so we can support in the quest for 5G market share.

Nokia doesn’t view 5G deployment as a series of independent “conveyer belt” style actions to be completed in isolation. Our ethos is that 5G deployment is a journey, connected by a series of interlocking steps. If we ensure these steps, or the “build process”, are rooted in automation and digital processes, we can reach the point where the whole deployment is efficient, reducing wasted time and resource.

To this effect, Nokia has embarked upon a quest to digitize and automate 5G services in critical areas for Communications Service Providers (CSPs): quality, accuracy, transparency, safety and total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster time to market.

Embedding digitization into the build process can take shape from the first to the last step on the road to 5G deployment:

  1. Site surveys: drone-based site surveys enable us to capture high definition and detailed 3D mapping of 5G sites, providing CSPs a database of digitized assets. This creates a safe and efficient initial planning stage. To date we have performed more than 600 drone site surveys with 95% accuracy. The real time accurate data drives accuracy in planning which unlocks greater efficiencies
  2. Virtual inspection of site build: in addition, Nokia’s augmented reality and virtual reality collaboration tools enable continuous inspection of the build process itself, enabling site remote engineers to ensure quality and provide remote expertise and configuration
  3. Provision of visual and statistical online records: enables teams to see project information, deliverables, and key performance indicators for operations both today and tomorrow ensuring the right material is at the right place at the right time
  4. A uniform approach: all processes and parties are connected to a single platform. The project team, including our customers have visibility into all work performed by us and our partners. Accountability is built in the automated workflows. This means the right crews with the right equipment arrived in time at the right place.

Results delivered

These are not hollow words and promises, we have tangible examples. For example, in the US where we are deploying 5G we have driven the following results for our customers. We see an average run rate increase by 30-50% and a site build time improvement of 50%. We are now applying the success of the North American deployments in other regions.

In summary

We have transformed the 5G build process by making it digital. We work closely with our customers to ensure the right material is at the right place at the right time.  We’ve implemented extreme automation and digitalization to make fast and efficient 5G deployment a reality.

This process ensures operators get a digital database of their 5G assets and accelerate time to market to capture 5G market share fast. 

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Sanjay Goel

About Sanjay Goel

As the president of Global Services, he leads the organization in developing and implementing strategy, go- to -market models and sales performance with specific focus on growing Nokia’s Professional Services as well as diversification into new markets and verticals. In his spare time, Sanjay enjoys music, reading and likes to explore new places and cultures and is currently based in Finland.

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