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Cable operators going wireless and winning customers

If you don’t think Wireless when you think Cable – think again! We are right smack in the middle of the Cable wireless era, where the demands of today’s broadband market require that cable operators around the world deliver wireless and mobility services. The explosion of wireless devices and consumption of streaming video make it imperative for Multiple System Operators (MSO) to invest in wireless to fend off Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and OTT players.

It should come as no surprise that cable operators have been busily working on, and refining, their wireless strategies.

Around the world we see…

  • Converged mobile network operators (MNOs) and Cable MSOs
  • Acquisitions of MNOs by Cable MSOs, and vice versa
  • Massive MSO Wi-Fi deployments (e.g. in the US with 18M hotspots/homespots)
  • MSOs using Mobile Video Network Operators (MVNOs) to offer 3G/4G mobility services
  • MSOs leveraging their deep-fiber, HFC networks for deployment of Wi-Fi, 4G/5G and small cells

Clearly, wireless is an important part of Cable’s future

And when MSOs deliver wireless and mobility services – entering the hyper-competitive market with MNOs, other MVNOs and giant but nimble Silicon Valley OTTs – they need to provide an experience that customers clearly recognize as superior to competitors.

How can operators enhance and simplify their relationship to the customer journey, and better understanding customers’ needs, wants and interests?

It starts with efficiently and seamlessly managing the huge variety of wireless devices – mobile, IoT and smart home – and ensuring that these devices, their users, their connectivity and their applications remain secured and protected.

Next, operators need to gather and analyze data from a variety of complex systems in order to bring insight, automation and prediction into their daily operations. This includes IP analytics for mobile networks, Wi-Fi networks and the home – as well as Cognitive Analytics for customer insight.

These analytics and insights feed dynamic, intelligent support systems that provide autonomous customer care and enable operators to control the complete lifecycle of mobile, home and IoT devices and services. Automation, dynamic intelligent workflows and real-time analytics allow operators to predict problems and resolve them proactively, before they impact customers.

Finally, operators need to modernize B/OSS systems, and drive automation and agility into network and service operations. This will enhance the customer experience by helping to support service quality and assurance for new networks that will support billions of hyperconnected devices and emerging cloud architectures.

Cable MSOs have an exciting opportunity to add wireless services to their bundles – and by leading with innovative and intelligent CEM solutions, they can ensure that customers are happy, and stay that way.

Learn more about how Nokia is helping cable operators use customer experience as a critical differentiator in providing wireless and mobility services:

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