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Clearing the path to 5G Cloud RAN

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The Cloud Radio Access Network (RAN) is one of today’s hottest topics in networking and our latest webinar offers all the latest thinking about the topic.  

Virtualizing the baseband enables computing functionality to move to the edge of the network, so operators can respond very rapidly to customers’ varied latency and computing needs when using new applications and services. Cloud RAN unlocks revenue from new low latency 5G services, supports flexible end-to-end network slicing and meets IoT technology and business requirements. 

“Cloud RAN has the potential to fundamentally transform mobile networks, making them more agile and dynamic and allowing operators to be nimbler in activating new services and revenue streams. Nokia has been more proactive and consistent in driving Cloud RAN technology than its peers, and the launch of its fully cloudified 5G AirScale Cloud RAN solution is only the latest example of its commitment.”  

Ed Gubbins, Principal Analyst at GlobalData.

Want to learn more? Take this 5G Cloud RAN masterclass

To learn more, join Antti Romppanen, Head of 5G Cloud RAN R&D, Mobile Networks, at Nokia, and Phil Marshall, Chief Research Officer of Tolaga Research as they discuss the drivers and benefits of fully cloudified and disaggregated radio networks.

The on-demand version of this webinar is available here – register, listen and get back to us with any questions.

Find out why now is ‘prime time’ for Cloud RAN, how the next generation fully cloudified Cloud RAN transforms mobile networks, how to integrate new services, and how to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning in the same edge platform.

Make full use of the low-latency capabilities of 5G

You will also get insights into our next generation 5G AirScale Cloud RAN solution with virtualized Distributed Unit and Centralized Unit. This fully cloudified and disaggregated 5G base station provides scalability, low latency, high performance and capacity, as well as several network architecture options to meet growing market demands. This also gives mobile and converged CSPs a choice of RAN deployments, enabling them to meet application requirements cost-effectively and the latency performance demands of use cases at any location. 

Nokia 5G AirScale Cloud RAN brings RAN the overall benefits of cloud computing familiar from IT and Core networks - pooling, scalability, elasticity, agility, uniformity, and automation. In addition, other network functions can be deployed on the same platform with Cloud RAN.

Nokia’s Fronthaul Gateway solution offers an evolution path for CSPs to convert existing CPRI-based radios for the use of eCPRI-based 5G AirScale Cloud RAN with full baseband in cloud.

Learn about flexible network slicing

Cloud RAN is also the foundation for flexible and dynamic end-to-end network slicing, from RAN across transport to Core. In the webinar, Antti will explain how Nokia´s end-to-end network slicing solution can be used to meet the specific needs of different segments. It offers flexible selection of RAN slices for different use cases and enables independently scalable control and user plane functions, slice isolation and high availability. To optimize things further, the latency  critical slices are processed close to the end user, in the far edge, while other services can be processed in a more centralized location, in the aggregated edge, achieving network efficiency through capacity pooling.

World's first commercial cloud-based 5G RAN is powered by Nokia

Adopting Cloud RAN is a journey that is already underway. Nokia’s Cloud RAN solution is powering a major live 5G network - Nokia’s 5G AirScale Cloud RAN solution with virtualized Centralized Unit (non-real-time baseband in Cloud) was taken into large-scale commercial use in North America in 2019.

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Anna-Kaarina Pietilä

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Anna-Kaarina is responsible for Analytics Marketing in Business Applications team of Cloud and Network Services at Nokia. Anna-Kaarina has worked with a number of cloud-based solutions and is particularly interested in making 5G proactive and predictive for various 5G use cases.

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