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Connecting touchpoints across the customer journey

My colleague Puneet recently wrote about how the top-performing communication service providers (CSPs) put the customer experience first. That involves connecting subscriber touchpoints along the entire customer journey, building a single view across all marketing, sales and service channels.

To illustrate this customer first, connected touchpoints approach in action, let’s look at a 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) use case. It’s built around a fictional CSP, Quadstar Communications, and one of their customers, Jen.

Here is Jen’s customer journey:

1. Targeting and selling

Quadstar is launching a new 5G FWA service, targeting its highest-value prospects with hyper-personalized campaigns. Using customer insights, Quadstar knows Jen is a tech-savvy customer who does a lot of online gaming. It also knows she rates her Quadstar experience as “fair” and obviously wants to improve that score. After verifying that she has 5G coverage, the company qualifies Jen for the 5G FWA offer and enters her into a campaign that will leverage all potential engagement points across its ecosystem.

Targeting and selling

This part of the journey is automated and responsive to each interaction Jen has with Quadstar. As she scrolls through her Facebook feed, she sees a 5G ad aimed at gamers that offers an improved online experience.

Jen clicks through, landing on the Quadstar 5G FWA website. After considering the service details, she reviews plan options, selects the best one for her needs, and gets the choice of self-installation or a visit from a Quadstar technician. Because Jen is comfortable with technology, she chooses self-installation and clicks a button to have the equipment shipped to her. While creating a customer journey that suits tech savvy customers, like Jen, Quadstar also benefits by reducing the number of field technician visits.

2. Guided self-installation

Once Jen receives the 5G router, she downloads a mobile app that guides her through the installation.  She’s prompted to scan the QR code on the router, automatically linking the device to her Quadstar account. Analytics embedded in the app generate a 5G “heat map” of her home, pinpointing the best possible location for the router to be installed.

After Jen turns on the device, a series of automated actions takes place, including a firmware and configuration update based on her device and chosen service plan. Signal strength is recorded by the 5G transceiver. If it’s insufficient, Jen is prompted to reposition the antenna until it reaches an acceptable level. If that doesn’t work, the app gives her one-touch access to professional installation or guided assistance.

Guided self-installation

3. Monitor and upsell

Jen loves her new service — 5G really is as fast as they say! But what she doesn't know is Quadstar keeps working behind the scenes, monitoring her service in real time to make sure her experience is perfect.

Many detected device or network issues are resolved proactively. But when Jen’s involvement is required, Quadstar contacts her through her preferred channel, text message. They don’t wait for Jen’s frustration to rise to the point where she contacts them first! She has the option to receive a callback right away or schedule a call with a Quadstar expert. In either case, she’ll talk to a customer service agent specially trained on 5G performance issues with a holistic view of her account and service information. The agent uses a guided workflow solution that takes automated actions wherever possible, minimizing Jen’s time and effort while making troubleshooting more accurate so she won’t have to call again for the same issue.

Because Quadstar knows Jen is a gamer, the customer service agent gets a “next best action” prompt to offer her the chance to be a beta tester for the new Quadstar Gaming service. Beta testers enjoy a free 60-day trial with exclusive deals and access to new games. Once Jen accepts, she’s automatically added to a campaign to upsell the full service at the end of the free trial.

Building better journeys together: Nokia and Salesforce

At Nokia, we’re making scenarios like this a reality by embedding AI and automation throughout our portfolio and by partnering with companies like Salesforce. The Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant is our first application available on the Salesforce AppExchange. It combines customer insights with network and device intelligence to help CSPs be more responsive to their subscribers’ needs. In the end, that leads to higher customer loyalty and retention — and a great opportunity for revenue growth.

Learn more about the Nokia Intelligent Care Assistant.

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