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How to deliver cloud technology with network innovation

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… and why enterprise IT managers should care

"Spending more on technology does not necessarily lead to better financial performance.1"

A sage reminder from a PWC strategy report as enterprises across all industries contemplate their cloud technology strategy. And as the European Financial Review adds, CXOs in many enterprises have a poor view of IT because too many projects fail to deliver the expected business benefits2.


This has never been more applicable than with enterprise cloud technology. How can IT managers persuade CXOs that their proposed investment in the latest cloud technology will deliver the business benefits promised, when they may not be clear on what they are and how best to deliver them? Cloud is very much top of mind for enterprise CXOs who appreciate what the technology can achieve. But they question how cloud can deliver real business benefits to their enterprise – such as higher growth, improved cash flows and greater profitability.

Delivering cloud technology with network innovation provides an answer. That is, use cloud technology in innovative ways to do things that have not been done before and so reap the full business benefits.

Examples in banking and telco

  • Using Nokia SDN solution to automate their data center networks, a major US bank has reduced its operating costs by over 50%, achieved a ten times improvement in response time and increased asset utilization by over 40%
  • A major French bank has consolidated its data centers and used the cost savings to build a private cloud, servicing more than 30 million customers, 8,000 branches and 100,000 employees by using Nokia cloud data center interconnect solution.
  • Nokia SD-WAN solution is enabling one of Europe’s largest telecommunications providers to make it easier, faster and safer for customers to access its cloud services with maximum flexibility and agility, while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Nokia networking solutions enable enterprises to leverage cloud technology to achieve the convergence of IT and networking by transforming to cloud infrastructures that enable greater productivity.

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1 Maximizing the value from technology investments, PWC Strategy, November, 20152 How to Deliver More Business Benefits from IT Investments, The European Financial Review, March 2013

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