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Dec 21 2016

“I didn’t know Nokia does so much in OSS!”

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With so many operators already committed to adopting cloud-based technologies, software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), the questions I keep hearing are about how to assure the highly efficient, hands-off automation that these networks will require.

I’m a practical guy and I appreciate the practical solution approach that Nokia is taking to support operators with these transformation programs. And clearly we’ve been all too quiet about the extent of our Operations Support System (OSS) portfolio following our merger with Alcatel Lucent. So, let’s fix that. Below are some of the typical conversations with operators I’ve had lately on the subject.

“How should we be developing our Service Operations Center (SOC)?” Basically, the move to cloud technology should be accompanied by a move to the eSOC or evolved SOC. This brings a new level of automation for operators, with software able to make adjustments down to the network level – something that previously needed human intervention. It’s simply a faster and more cost-effective way to do things.

Furthermore, there is a growing role for Service Assurance in helping operators deliver the best customer experience in a world of rising network complexity. Nokia’s focus is to meet all the complex needs of operators in order to achieve the promises of emerging cloud architectures, which must work alongside traditional networks still for some time.

“And why does a broad OSS portfolio from a single vendor matter so much?”  Well, the trend among many operators seems to be to simplify procurement by focusing on a few, highly-capable vendors that can meet all their needs, rather than having to deal with a multitude of independent, specialist vendors. Why add that extra layer of complexity if you don’t have to…

I encourage you to listen to this recent webinar, in which Grant Lenahan of Appledore Research outlined how operators use Closed-Loop Automation and Service Assurance to achieve their transformation with emerging SDN, NFV and XaaS (Everything as a Service) technologies.

For further reading, check out this recently published Research Note, “Closed Loop Automation and the New Role of Assurance” and visit our website for more on Nokia Service Assurance solutions.

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About Bill Stanley

Bill drives portfolio marketing for Nokia’s OSS software products.  He’s particularly vocal about the key role that Service Assurance now plays having participated in the massive evolution of the telecommunications and IT industries during his 26 years in the business. That also happens to be the number of miles in the marathons he likes to run -  the next of which will take him across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and back in July 2017.