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Customer Experience Management goes beyond managing network KPIs

This post is by Carlijn Adema from Nokia Siemens Networks.

Do traditional network KPI’s tell the whole story?To really provide a positive customer experience, it’s not enough to know how network elements are performing. As many operators are realizing, they need to rethink their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Even if every single KPI is green, the quality their customers are experiencing can still fall short. The key is to move from network centric to subscriber centric operations and to create quality indicators that measure customer experience, not just network performance.

Key building block for CEM: QoE service modelling  
To help operators bridge the gap between customer experience and network KPIs, we at Nokia Siemens Networks work with them to develop a measurement model to provide Quality of Experience scores for services such as mobile internet, messaging or video or even basic network services such as LTE bearer service.

This can be done for a single subscriber, a subscriber segment, the complete network or a certain location. The model incorporates new quality indicators like network accessibility, service accessibility, service integrity and service retainability, which combine various KPIs and information from other sources such as customer complaints.

To ensure a positive customer experience, these Key Quality Indicators provide essential information for operators who are transforming to more customer centric operations.

So Quality of Experience is key. How does your organization measure the quality of the customer experience?