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Our doors are wide open to co-creation

Twitter: @GoranCangl

There is nothing as powerful as an idea that has found its time, was once said. The concept of co-creation has been around for a long while, yet it has taken over a decade to catch on. At Nokia, we believe in the power of openness, sharing data, collaboration and co-creation with our ecosystem to transform ideas into business impact.

Today, R&D resources are not sufficient to answer all customer demand and master new emerging technologies. Collaboration with third parties is mainly done on demand and only a very small part of the ecosystem capabilities is leveraged. Looking forward, we are convinced that sharing data and close collaboration with the ecosystem is the way to accelerate our development cycle time and to create value.

This is why we launched the Open Ecosystem Network. Built on the principle of data democracy, this environment shakes up traditional business models and proposes a truly new way of working with different ecosystems across industries. The ambition is to access third parties we are not working with today. The more, the merrier.

Open Ecosystem Network is the story of an intrapreneurial innovative project within a large company. Innovation is already reflected  in the startup nature of how the project is managed inside Nokia. Agility, speed, and pro-activeness enabled it to be launched as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the end of 2016. With a reduced set of features, the team started to test the concepting order to validate and improve the features, as well as spread the word in many internal and external engagements with partners,  also to attract individuals in-house and externally to join the OPEN movement. Ensuring people understand, adopt and commit is key for any innovation to be successful.

After an extensive 6 months of discussion and testing the Open Ecosystem Network Beta with our extended ecosystem and potential partners, we’re now ready to launch the first release. Feedback has been excellent and confirms that we’re asking the right questions and doing the right things.

With over 750 self organized beta testers on the OPEN platform, 25+ innovation challenges coming from different companies and 50+ co-creation projects up and running, I think it’s safe to say that curiosity and the hunger for more is overcoming the fear of leaving traditional paths. The journey from Inspiration to Aspiration to Action continues.

Why join the OPEN movement?

Whether you are a developer, a subject matter expert, a startup, a business incubator, a crowd sourcing platform, a student or a large company, you are welcome to join the OPEN movement. Share your ideas, find partners to collaborate with, propose innovation challenges or contribute to solving them, create your own projects or be part of others. With our Open Ecosystem Network environment, you will enter a world of tech enthusiasts, creators, designers and programmers, who are working together on our connected future.

We think it’s high time to time to open up. Open up new alliances and ways of working. Open up to sharing data and ultimately, our ideas, our way of thinking. It’s time for us to pave the way to solving bigger problems and creating bigger opportunities – and to do that faster and better than ever before. Because with Open Ecosystem Network, today we can change tomorrow.

So, as Morpheus said to Neo in the iconic movie Matrix, take ‘the red pill’ now by registering on and discover how deep the rabbit hole goes!

You can get in touch with us on our website or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter @EcosystemOpen

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Goran Cangl

About Goran Cangl

Goran heads up Ecosystem Steering, extending the possibilities of 3rd party relationships, while envisioning an ecosystem as enabler of Nokia’s strategy, competitive advantage and source of innovation. He’s passionate about innovation in connecting people, businesses & things.

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