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Fiber-to-the-business? Why not inside the business

New revenue opportunities are hard to come by for any business. Well, usually. For any fixed network operator with a FTTH network, you’re actually sitting on a new revenue stream right now.

The enterprise services market is huge and telcos are, of course, already trusted providers of connectivity, cloud hosting, security services and so on. Many enterprises are facing pressure to increase their agility in order to compete more effectively. They are looking for new ways to decrease costs and accelerate innovation. Yet they now face a bottleneck at the heart of their operations.

In recent years, even the smallest of businesses has been able to increase broadband connectivity from tens to hundreds and now thousands of Mb/s. This has been made possible by fiber and successive generations of PON technology. But while connectivity to the business has been increasing rapidly, connectivity inside the business has not kept pace. The bottleneck in business operations has moved from the broadband connection to the LAN.

If you’re a network operator, especially currently offering PON connectivity, you can relieve this bottleneck by offering an optical LAN solution to enterprises.

Optical LAN outperforms a traditional copper-based LAN on every criterion; cost, speed, reliability, security, longevity, manageability, upgradeability, you name it. Every time an enterprise has to consider a traditional LAN upgrade, optical LAN becomes a very attractive option. When a CAT cable upgrade is needed, optical LAN becomes a no-brainer.

And it also gives you a great opportunity to gain a presence or strengthen your position in enterprise LAN for several reasons.

Firstly, your FTTH network means you’re already an expert in optical LAN. It’s the same technology, so little effort is required to include it in your portfolio. That gives you a head-start over incumbents protecting their traditional LAN business.

Optical LAN can be offered as a self-managed solution but potentially even more attractive is an “as a service model. In this scenario, the LAN effectively becomes part of your existing PON. LAN management is handled in the cloud, so you can remove that burden from enterprises – they no longer need highly skilled network managers who know their CLI commands. A simple point-and-click GUI handles most configuration tasks. Pre-provision and pre-configuration gets new nodes, devices and services online in the LAN quickly and efficiently. It’s a highly scalable and highly cost-efficient solution.

But perhaps the biggest differentiator is that, because you own and operate the core and access networks, with optical LAN you can offer gigabit services all the way from the cloud to the desktop. That is a unique value proposition – with a matching service level agreement – that no-one else can match. That speeds innovation for enterprises and creates new revenues for you.

Optical LAN gives you a new way to make your network open for business. Want to get in on the game? Then come and see us at BBWF.

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Cemil  Cantürk

About Cemil Cantürk

Cemil is responsible for Optical LAN Marketing in Nokia and is a member of the APOLAN Marketing Committee.

In his role, Cemil is focusing on promoting and increasing market awareness and adoption of passive optical LAN. He has 20 years of experience in telecommunications, with positions in engineering, pre-sales and sales. Cemil speaks Dutch, English, French and Turkish. He loves to read a good book in his spare time, is passionate about soccer and is addicted to coffee.

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