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For the fittest fixed network around, call Coach Nokia

“What gets measured gets managed,” my old sports coach used to tell me. She was right, of course. However fit (or unfit!) I might have been, there was always room for improvement. But it’s often hard to know which data points to measure, even harder to determine the right development plan, and harder still to execute it.

Right now, fixed network operators are measuring traffic on their networks that is growing 10 times faster than revenues. How do you manage – and close – such a gap? Where do you invest to increase revenues or reduce costs? Which of the hundreds of KPIs are the critical ones to tell you if the network is maximizing its potential or frustrating customers?

We’ve been applying my old coach’s methodology to the fixed network to help operators with these issues. Like any fitness regime, it starts with a goal: say, running a sub 4-hour (OK, maybe 5 hour) marathon in 6 months’ time. Coach would then do a health check to see where things stand before developing a personal fitness regime to help me achieve my goal. It’s down to me to perform that regime, of course, but the coach is always there to advise, mentor and monitor progress with me. Coach knows exactly what to measure and keeps me focused on what matters most.

So back to your fixed access network. Nokia Fixed Access Health Index tells you exactly how fit your network is. It’s extremely comprehensive under the hood, making around 200 checks covering things like availability, configuration, and security. But with separate KPIs, if customer satisfaction drops 3% while network performance increases 5%, are you doing better or worse? The beauty of Health Index is that it takes all 200 parameters and calculates a single, simple index. This not only provides a clear focus for continuous improvement, you can also benchmark your index against other networks or operators. That’s unique in the market today.

For the improvement regime, we bring you Network Optimization Services. From our unrivalled professional services expertise, we can develop an improvement plan tailored to your financial and technical objectives. Like any good fitness program, it’s built on your own strengths and capabilities and takes you through a continuous cycle of plan/do/check/act to reach your goals. Coach Nokia provides support, guidance and experience every step of the way, and can tell you how you measure up against the competition.

Fixed Access Health Index and Network Optimization Services are borne of Nokia’s many years of experience. We’ve already put fitness plans in place that have:

  • Grown revenues by maximizing network capability.
  • Decreased customer churn by optimizing network quality.
  • Driven operational excellence through enriched monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting capabilities.

Want to get your network’s health checked and get your own fitness regime in place? Then stop by our booth at BBWF where you’ll learn how we can get your network truly open for business.

Then, as my coach would say, you can take a breather. You’ve earned it.

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Eddy Vergauwen

About Eddy Vergauwen

Eddy leads global marketing activities for professional and support services within Nokia Fixed Networks, drawing on his 20 years’ experience in innovation management, strategy, business development and product management. When he doesn’t have his hands full with Nokia, you might well find him with either a guitar or a golf club in his hand instead.

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