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Front row view, wherever you are – 5G immersive experiences by KT

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Have you ever thought about following your favourite sports event from the players view in the arena or see a fantastic goal from a VIP seat in real-time while you are just sitting at home and following the game from your comfortable sofa using VR? How about the ability to “pause” an exciting moment of a great action - turning it around in 3D and replay it from a completely different angle?

In May 2017, Korea Telecom (KT)  - supported by Nokia - demonstrated innovative immersive content creation and consumption scenarios at a major world football championship held in Korea where thousands of participants were attending from 24 countries and more than 1 million spectators were following 52 matches.

KT equipped Jeonju World Cup venue - where the championship opening ceremony and the initial game for Korea team happened - with cutting edge 3D VR multimedia recording equipment – among them the Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera.

KT created a public 5G demo area in front of the venue where anyone could try how 5G will redefine the spectator user experiences.


In case of 3D VR Remote Viewing service - the need for extreme bandwidth is crucial to deliver high definition video content to the consumers’ VR device, while keeping latency low (<7ms) is critical to avoid VR motion sickness. With this service visitors could be in the heart the action on the football-field – at the same time see VR experience augmented to provide additional information displayed in context to the players and the game.

Interactive multi-view (aka time slice) was also part of the demo experience. Live action was recorded by several high definition cameras so a spectator could select any angle to replay the action or could click for enhanced experiences with insights provided through augmented reality – like information about the player, the angle or the expected path of the ball.

Beyond immersive experiences for remote viewers, 5G will bring additional benefits for event visitors by delivering massive throughput capacity for content creation and consumption with dynamic scalability of uplink and downlink traffic. And the same 5G technology has the potential to improve security by supporting end-to-end network slicing enabling guaranteed and uninterrupted security and emergency operations.

This demonstration of KT 5G services at FIFA U-20 - supported by Nokia multi-vendor setup -  is paving the way to a larger scale introduction of new 5G services and experiences during the next  winter games.

Explore the world of 5G event use cases where you will find additional information and resources about the topic.

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Tamas Dankovics

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Tamás works in Nokia’s 5G marketing team responsible for AirScale – the company’s latest cutting edge 5G radio access solution. He’s addicted to the electromagnetic spectrum beyond cm and mmWaves – and spends his free time capturing images of objects in the solar system and beyond.

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