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Here's how analytics are the silver bullet for 5G success to improve customer experience and employee effectiveness


The telco industry is living through a transformative movement to the digital and 5G era. 5G is opening up a totally new playing field for lucrative vertical-led digital and slice-based service offerings with multi-party business models to the consumer and business customers.

The promise of 5G is huge: It allows CSPs to offer super fast, high throughput mobile connectivity bundles and new types of digital services like fixed wireless access. Enterprises can tap into operators’ innovation ecosystems built on 5G platforms and design new services for their customers like AR/VR immersive entertainment, ultra-low latency multi-player gaming, robotized smart factories and autonomous fleet management.

Simultaneously, as business opportunities arise, the already complex underlying network layer is getting more convoluted - thus more demanding to manage and operate. We are at the limits of human abilities, and 5G will bring a raft of new technologies and new complexities that will push us over the edge. A good example is depicted in Appledore’s study showcasing how virtualization will generate a 100-fold increase in actions within the network.

In this kind of complex environment, where the business, operations and network layers are all transforming simultaneously in this digital 5G era, CSPs cannot risk jeopardizing their personalised customer experience, e.g. for VIPs, business and high-value consumer customers. End-customers, consumers and companies, have great expectations for 5G. They’re setting the bar high and looking forward to enjoying new services with excellent connectivity; when they want it, where they want it, at home or on-the-move. For example, 90% of customers have rated high-quality, uninterrupted video streams a very valuable aspect of 5G.

‘Whether it is an improved customer experience or better employee experience, there is a direct correlation between AI adoption and superior business outcomes’, according to a recent IDC study. Automating business processes and augmenting service provider personnel with actionable insights, root causes, anomalies and predictions across departments and business functions guarantees tangible results. Higher Net Promoter Scores can be gained and cost efficiency can be improved through prioritization of actions based on impacted customers and greater employee effectiveness.

Let’s look at what kinds of problems 5G analytics/AI help solve for service providers and how they help operator teams to work more efficiently and effectively. Data is the lifeblood for operator organizations, equipping them with opportunities and providing them ways to solve a host of problems they face in everyday operations and business. Here are a few examples of how analytics make a difference:

Engineering and planning

To guarantee a successful roll-out of 5G technology and networks with sustainable TCO efficiency, multi-dimensional network analytics reveal problematic geographical locations, service degradations in things like video quality, violations in contracted service level agreements and performance metrics of various device types (e.g. smartphones, IoT). Insights like these are typical examples that guide engineering’s workflow prioritization of problem resolution based on customer impact and value (e.g. premium or enterprise customers).

Operations and care

The Customer Experience Index (CEI) aggregates holistic persona-driven experiences across fixed and mobile networks including 5G, customer service interactions, charging transactions, and calibrates survey results such as Net Promoter Score. The experience index allows to slice and dice across a multitude of data dimensions like geographical locations, OTT apps such as video, and  technologies such as 5G, listing the issue and action recommendations for first adopters and high value segments. This contributes to proactive issue resolution for impacted customers and higher first call resolution by resolving customer tickets faster.

The Individual Subscriber Analytics (ISA) allows care to have a realtime diagnosis of each individual subscriber’s 5G transactions. This helps troubleshoot the problem faster and reduce the average holding time and mean time to repair. Further, it is possible to study every subscriber's 5G usage and failure trends though subscriber analytics.

In fixed wireless access, analytics detects issues like a weak link between 5G outdoor receivers and indoor WiFi routers or a poor 5G signal and instructs the end user automatically via a self-care application to improve connection, check cabling or to reposition equipment. Analytics can also trigger automated firmware or software upgrades on-demand when detecting 5G modem device health issues like high memory utilization or increased CPU load.

Marketing and sales

Improve the hit rate of marketing campaigns and promotions by identifying the most likely customer segments to adopt a 5G service with automated and accurate ML-driven algorithms. Approach the right customer with the most suitable 5G offer exactly at the right moment in the customer journey, when the probability to accept the offer is at its peak, indicated by the industry-leading CEI that reflects customer perception and happiness.

CSP management

Digital insights equip CSP employees and management with superpowers and superb employee experience by showing their customers’ experience with unprecedented details and depth. The all-encompassing CEI, available as a mobile app on-the-go, is like having your customer's experience, perception and voice "in your pocket" at all times.


An IDC whitepaper describes it accurately “Customer expectations over the past 10 years have grown more sophisticated as network connectivity is now considered to be as vital as air, water, electricity, and even food.” And the value of connectivity has been reinforced by the recent COVID19 coronavirus crisis with ‘the new normal’ of remote working and learning, and social distancing that have led to rewrite the rules how we live, work and play.

To embrace the extraordinary customer experience, service and network quality in the 5G era, a comprehensive analytics approach is required. Analytics and AI haven’t ever been so crucial for the business success of telcos.

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