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Here’s why Nokia supports a women’s network of networks

This blog is by Birgit Königsheim, Head of Care Execution Excellence, Global Services, at Nokia Networks and MD Nokia Germany GmbH.
She is also founder of ‘Our Greenhouse’, an organization that supports high-potential women at Nokia.
Twitter: @BKoenigsheim

Around 70% of job vacancies are not made public. How do you find them? The answer is through good networking. I have used networking throughout my career as a telecommunications networks professional, beginning when I studied Electronics Engineering at university. It was energizing to reach out and network with other women during my time in this male-dominated environment. The benefits have stayed with me ever since.

So it was an honor to host the ‘Our Greenhouse’ event and take the opportunity to share my experiences with about 80 other women at a recent Nokia-sponsored event called ‘Building the Women’s Network of Networks’. Other speakers delivered very inspiring presentations. These included Christina Raab, Accenture MD, who said women shouldn’t feel intimidated in an automotive environment, where she had “worked for five years with no other female colleague”. Pascale Thorre of Alcatel Lucent convinced us that it is possible “to make it to the top” when women combine their desires to become visible.

Birgit Königsheim, Nokia Networks; Elke Benning-Rohnke, FIDAR; Anna Gardner, Lawyers of Africa; Pascale Thorre, Alcatel-Lucent; Laura Hitti, webgrrls Bayern; Christina Raab, Accenture

Meanwhile, from a non-engineering sector, Anna Gardner from ILFA, Lawyers for Africa, captured the passion of using personal relationships to support bright African lawyers with a top-notch education and work placement in England with the largest international law firms. And Elke Benning-Rohnke, from FIDAR (Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte), demonstrated the organization’s impact by succeeding to establish a female quota in supervisory boards in Germany.

Networking for women is essential, not just to further our careers, but to bring together a global resource that is under-represented in the world of work. Networking highlights women’s capabilities, enhancing our chances of gaining more responsible positions – not just because we are women, but because we have talent and merit the trust put in us.

I am fortunate to work for an organization like Nokia that understands the importance of supporting and encouraging women to succeed in their careers. ‘Building the Women’s Network of Networks’ is part of the wider initiative ‘Our Greenhouse’ that aims to help bring about a world in which 50% of companies are run by women and in which women in leadership roles are normal and we no longer have to spotlight them.

And considering the hottest topics in our own industry’s right now - 5G and IoT- I believe it will take a gender diverse mix of minds to truly expand the human possibilities of technology (#maketechhuman) and further improve our reputation as an employer, able to attract and retain the best work force of men and women.


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See also the video: Women in the IT industry with Kathrin Buvac.

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Birgit Koenigsheim

About Birgit Koenigsheim

Birgit is MD for Nokia Germany GmbH and heads the Care Advanced Services for Mobile Networks, propelling the business forward in the digital Customer Care space. As an electrical engineer and proud founder of ‘Our Greenhouse’, an organization to support high-potential women at Nokia and its ecosystem, Birgit is passionate about promoting women into the “New Normal”.

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