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Hey startups! Ready, set, innovate - with Nokia Innovation Platform

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When I started working in the telecommunications industry it was empowering to feel that we were enabling people to access information and knowledge through technology. The industry has gone through many changes since then but our main mission of creating the technology to connect the world has not changed.

What I’ve learned throughout my career is that innovation is a team sport. The best innovations happen when you bring together diverse people with different backgrounds. Nokia nurtures this innovation spirit, in how we work together and co-innovate with the ecosystem around us. We place a premium on innovation within every aspect of the business – from internal operations embedding innovation across the company, to enhancing end-to-end portfolio and co-innovating with ecosystem partners and customers.

It explains why startups around the world have been flocking to our Nokia Innovation Platform. Creating an ecosystem of partners to network on the creation of new solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) within vertical markets, such as smart cities, transportation, industries and utilities, public safety and digital health is right thing to do. We believe that “smart” and “connected” will be interlaced characteristics for the future technologies serving these markets. The Nokia Innovation Platform helps partners build Proof of Concepts (PoC) that generate value by:

  • Accelerating innovation
  • Creating end-to-end demo and trial environments
  • Providing compatibility verification
  • Enabling knowledge sharing

At our Paris-Saclay campus, for example, here are some of the startups we’re co-innovating with:

For smart & connnected safety, Michel L’hostis from Apizee, a French startup

The alliance of Apizee software and wearable offerings, together with Nokia 4G and 5G infrastructure components, are improving service organization capabilities to respond to different types of emergencies and public safety missions. We are planning to run a PoC to demonstrate this value.

For smart & connnected city, Arlene Ducao from DuKorp Corporation, a NYC startup:

DuKorp's MindRider, a location-aware biosensor system, and Multimer, a data analytics platform that integrates biosensor and geographic data, offer a new way to collect and integrate information that was previously only qualitative. These technologies use human signal data to show what people experience as they move through the city.

For smart & connnected industry, Guillaume Jourdain from Bilberry, a French startup:

Bilberry's dream is to enable farmers to use pesticides only where they are needed. This is accomplished through the use of smart cameras on tractors and choosing when to spray depending on the need of the crop. We are benefiting both from competencies and cloud resources to upskill our solution and experiment with new features faster.

For smart & connnected mobility, Lomig Unger from Le Square by Renault Innovation Lab in Paris: 

Le Square is a project of Renault and numerous partners that explores the future of mobility and new ways of working. Nokia is part of this common project. We are working with these companies to design POCs this year that could be useful for our customers.

Contact us here

If you are a startup, an academic, a corporation, a legal agency or an ecosystem partner looking to leverage innovation and technology to connect the world, we want to hear from you! Contact us through the Nokia Innovation Platform website with a formal description of your idea or solution and let’s talk!  The Paris-Saclay Hackathon for Nokia Innovation Platform on March 9th  was another excellent demonstration of how students and universities can contribute to innovating the future of IoT.

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Mathieu Sabourin

About Mathieu Sabourin

Mathieu Sabourin has worked with Nokia for 10+ years, working across multiple business units and relying on his core skills in project management and emotional intelligence. No surprise then that he landed in Innovation steering ecosystem project management. Mathieu is a partnership professional at heart with a people first approach to making things happen.

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