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Innovation raised to the power "C" gives me wings

This blog is by Kanika Atri at Nokia Networks.
Twitter: @KanikaAtri

A wise someone said that success = who you are raised to the power of your network.

By that logic, success in innovation = your own innovation prowess raised to the power of C, where C stands for your collaborator and co-creator network.

For Nokia Networks, this is a designed practice, a testimony to which is our annual Open Innovation Challenge – an event that provides a bridge for emerging startups to join us in problem solving and solution creation. This year’s event held in Silicon Valley sought transformational ideas around Telco Cloud and Big Data Analytics. A 75 member jury representing Nokia, venture capitalists, operators, consultants and innovation experts voted rigorously on 90 submissions to select 7 finalists and 11 demo spot winners, with whom we are collaborating now, raising our innovation to the power C!

Check out my last blog post, Seven Winning innovations in telco cloud and Big Data Analytics for a window into the 7 finalists and read on for a showcase of our demo spot winners.

Vitria – Demo Spot Winner in Big Data AnalyticsA Silicon Valley based company, Vitria’s streaming analytics platform for continuous operational intelligence, caters to verticals such as telecommunications, energy, retail, finance and logistics. Their uniqueness lies in the ability to deliver visibility, insight and action via a single unified architecture, making it apt for rapid innovation. This is in line with Nokia’s big data analytics approach and complements our Dynamic Experience Management innovation showcased recently.

Watch Vitria’s pitch @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge.

KT-Tech – Demo Spot Winner in Telco CloudImagine if you could transmit video at 1kbps? Scientists at KT-TECH have patented a technology which can actually do so by creating ‘Virtual Bandwidth’. Their solution enables high visual quality at a fraction of bandwidth currently used by MPEG/JPEG, making content delivery and cloud access much faster especially over congested networks. At the Innovation Challenge finale, KT-TECH showed a live demo of video at 15kbps, a potential breakthrough for security video applications and more.

Watch KT-TECH’s demo video @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge.

APIMetrics – Demo Spot Winner in Telco CloudDo you always blame apps or networks when something doesn’t work? Sometimes the real culprit is the APIs (application programming interfaces) being used! APIMetrics provides cloud-based real time performance testing of APIs and teaches them to become smarter by analyzing historical data and providing alerts before they affect customers. For example, APIMetrics, was able to spot a critical error in an operator’s location platform, and reduce application failure rate from 40% to 5%.

Take a look at APIMetrics’ demo video @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge

InMobly – Demo Spot Winner in Big Data AnalyticsNokia is a strong believer of Mobile Edge Computing, evident from our revolutionary Liquid Applications platform, which is a great way to serve content such as mobile video without delay and congestion. InMobly’s mobile multimedia delivery platform that caches at the true edge of the network is a nice complement here. The uniqueness comes from their ‘content before demand’ paradigm, implemented through a mobile device client that utilizes advanced, cloud-based predictive analytics to cache a personalized version of the mobile internet onto mobile devices for instant playback.

See InMobly’s video @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge

OSISoft – Demo Spot Winner in Big Data AnalyticsI was amazed to discover that OSISoft is a big data analytics veteran with 4,000 customers across all major industries! Known as the ‘colossal time series data specialists’, their use cases range from energy management in data centers, to gas turbine monitoring in Rolls Royce and reservoir optimization in Oil & Gas. With efficient data compression, meta-data tagging and integrity management, OSISoft’s analytics platform provides ‘One version of the truth for all time-series data’.

Take a look at OSISoft’s video @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge

Cognia – Demo Spot Winner in Telco CloudCognia offers a global cloud solution to capture, store and analyze all communications in enterprises including in-network mobile call recording, text and mails. Especially for contact center operations, it significantly reduces the cost of compliance to regional security regulations. The cherry on top is the pay as you grow SaaS model which eliminates the need to have on-premise data storage and interaction analytics across unified data from multiple locations and sources.

Watch Cognia in action @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge

PhoneNear – Demo Spot Winner in Telco CloudIn a world where everything is virtualized, why not our mobile phones? It would come in handy when you’ve left your phone behind! PhoneNear (from IMobileMagic) turns the mobile phone into a virtual device and brings convergence between phone, desktop and cloud. Users can use their phone from every computer/device, and for operators it means extending their presence to a second screen.

Metro-Tech – Demo Spot Winner in Big Data AnalyticsWith an eye on emerging opportunities in Smart Cities and Intelligent transportation, Metro-Tech has built a big data analytics solution which captures live roadways traffic data from multiple sensors and infrastructure sources and publishes it to various applications through APIs.

Watch Metro-Tech video @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge

Bit 6 – Demo Spot Winner in Wildcard categorySome 56% of developers* want to add communications features to their apps, but it is hard and expensive to do as it requires in-depth knowledge of the communications stack. Bit6 provides ‘Communications-as-a-Service’, through a cloud-based platform for developers to quickly and easily add voice/video calling, texting/multimedia messaging into their mobile/web apps, leading to more sticky apps, more revenue for operators and better experience for users.

Watch Bit6 video @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge

EmpowerYU – Demo Spot Winner in Wildcard categoryEmpowerYU is an in-home activity monitoring system with unobtrusive event sensors (no cameras!), designed to take care of the elderly. It learns grandma’s patterns, and presents approved caregivers with at-a-glance OK or Alert status on their mobile devices using powerful analytics.

See EmpowerYU’s video @ Nokia’s Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge

Mashing up innovations to the create the unexpectedWhen innovations are abundant,the possibility of mashing them up to create something totally unexpected increases exponentially. The Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge has helped us find nearly 20 exciting companies to collaborate with - even imagining what is possible by mashing up their innovations with ours gives me wings!

*source: WebRTC and Cloud RTC Platforms – Communications as a Feature; Smiths Point Analytics – Feb 2014

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Kanika Atri

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Kanika Atri, head of Special Projects, drives the Nokia Networks Technology & Innovation agenda such as Technology Vision 2020, FutureWorks, and Open Innovation Challenge. She is an engineer with an MBA and has 12+ years of telecoms experience ranging from RF planning and software design to sales, strategy and marketing. She is based in Silicon Valley where she passionately explores the next big thing in telecoms.

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