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Introducing a hotbed of innovation to nurture your growth

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Companies across the globe are getting ready for change, gearing up for a new world of digitization and automation. Yet, what if your core business is transporting electricity, running a city, manufacturing cars or operating a warehouse? Can you get the assets and skills to make this transformation? Can you do it fast enough? Could you get most of them “as a service in the cloud?” What if “there were apps for it”?

With the Nokia Innovation Platform, the answer is yes. The platform is an open live network development and trial environment for ecosystem partners, start-ups and other contributors. It’s a place where you can find everything you need for this new era - connected equipment, data storage and analytics, service software, IoT management services, data analytics and much more.

Whether you’re a big corporation or a startup, these are the building blocks that will help you reinvent yourself.

For example, consider an energy company that wants to automate the maintenance of its infrastructure, cutting risks to its staff. Using a rapid development tool, it can put together an application that combines a drone service, a video processing service and a back office integration service. The result is pylons inspected by video from drones and the tools that show which ones need attention.



Ready access to these types of tools will spark new ideas and help create exciting new markets. This is why Nokia’s Innovation Platform has an open design. We see it as a hotbed of innovation, the first stop for industries looking to re-engineer their future. Fast, easy access to state-of-the-art technologies, backed by an ecosystem of innovators, will help them get there.

Startups who use the platform will gain access to industry players looking to innovate. They can use Nokia’s global reach to promote their offering, they can partner with other companies to form end-to-end solutions, they can learn and acquire data through real-world deployments – all while concentrating on adding value for their customers.

So, innovators around the world, you’re welcome on Nokia’s Innovation Platform - come join us and shape the future of transportation, cities, industries and health.

Please engage on our dedicated Nokia Innovation Platform website.

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Jean-Luc Beylat

About Jean-Luc Beylat

If you have ever attended an innovation or technology event in France, chances are you would have crossed paths with Jean-Luc. Currently he is VP Ecosystems & Market Enablers at Nokia, President of Nokia Bell Labs France and Chairman of the Business Cluster for Systematic Paris–Region.

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