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Why investing in 3G will pay dividends far into the future

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Did you know that by the end of 2020, around 40 percent of all mobile customers around the world will still be using 3G/WCDMA networks? That’s a staggering 3.4 billion people dependent on 3G, despite the expectation that 5G networks will be available before then and with commercial LTE networks having been launched a decade before.

Clearly, 3G will remain critically important to operators for the foreseeable future. But with limited capital, how can they continue to invest in existing 3G networks and new technology at the same time? Surely something’s got to give?

What’s needed is a network technology that is extremely flexible, one that can serve 3G customers and then be changed to serve 5G customers as the market develops.

Well, that wish is being addressed by a new generation of cloud-based radio network controller (RNC). Enter Nokia AirScale RNC for 3G/WCDMA networks, which provides the scalability to support today’s data-laden 3G networks while also having the flexibility to change its function when needed. The result is that today’s investments are also investments for the future. While network technologies change over time, the infrastructure does not - it merely gets re-used. This inherent investment protection has rarely been seen before.

As the market’s first true cloud-based RNC, AirScale RNC offers simplified orchestration, from common personnel training and spare parts holdings to reduced logistics and operational activities. AirScale RNC is set to save significant capital and energy costs. The solution is the latest member of the rapidly growing AirScale Cloud RAN portfolio, part of AirScale Radio access which offers a complete rethink of radio networks by evolving today’s distributed architecture to a centralized and Cloud-based RAN.

AirScale RNC runs on Nokia’s powerful AirFrame Data Center platform, designed to meet stringent radio access capacity, performance and latency requirements.

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Darrell Davies

About Darrell Davies

Darrell Davies, senior marketing manager at Nokia, is responsible for the imaginative marketing of Nokia’s AirScale radio access network portfolio. This role draws on his wealth of experience in the mobile telecommunications industry, in which he has worked for more than twenty years. This high-tech engineering background is allied with considerable experience in marketing management and a master’s degree in business administration.

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