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It’s not just taking part that matters, it’s winning!

This blog is by Andrew Burrell at Nokia Networks.
Twitter: @AndyBurrell

My son’s football team just ended its first season of competitive football – without winning a single game. It’s been tough for the parents and coaches to keep the kids motivated, especially after they lost one of their first matches 25-0! While the kids no doubt learned some valuable life skills, I’m sure that they would have preferred to be on the winning side.

At the Small Cells Forum awards, Nokia tasted both defeat and victory in quick succession. Held in the incredibly beautiful Painted Hall, the awards celebrated the latest innovations and best practices from operators and vendors alike. The venue is part of the Old Royal Naval College and is certainly worth a visit if you are ever in London.

In the ‘Excellence in commercial deployment (urban)’ category, Nokia Networks reached the final with an entry based on its Special Event services. At a sporting event in Singapore, FlexiZone, small cells supported more than 29,000 successful call attempts with 100% cell availability assured by our services experts. But unfortunately for us, Korean operator SK Telecom proved to be a formidable rival and walked away with the award in this category.


But the disappointment didn’t last long. A few minutes later, Nokia Networks triumphed in the ‘Small cell tool design and technology’ award. This award recognized the urgent need to ensure that small cells are in the right place, with one CTO admitting that up to one third of the small cells in his network were in the wrong locations.

We overcome such challenges with our small cell planning services, which use 3-D Geolocation. This offers by far the most accurate measurements in three dimensions, including the vertical axis, to allow indoor and outdoor traffic to be identified easily, giving much more effective small cell planning. By accurately locating traffic hotspots and uncovering problematic areas of the network, 3-D Geolocation is helping more than 25 operators, including Optus Australia and Cellcom Israel.


The Network Planning and Optimization department at Nokia Networks has a proud record of innovation spanning more than 20 years and more than 55 patents. During this period, the emphasis has shifted away from traditional network-centric optimization towards improving subscriber experience. And our 3-D Geolocation solution can enable operators to do just this: Nokia experts analyze specific network locations to identify traffic patterns, user distribution, as well as frequently-used applications and device types.

Nokia recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, and this innovation award was a belated birthday present, a fitting tribute to a company that has re-invented itself many times over. And whilst it is good to be recognized, the real winners are the operators and subscribers who benefit from the best performing networks and mobile broadband experience.

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Andrew Burrell

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