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It’s not me, it’s you: tips to avoid breaking up with your broadband customers

Ask any marriage counsellor and they’ll tell you it takes a lot of effort to keep a relationship going. It’s no different if that relationship is with a customer.

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your relationship these days is through in-home Wi-Fi. It stands to reason. Generally, you have just the one fixed connection into the home. But with laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and a multitude of smart devices all vying for Wi-Fi connectivity, a problem on any one of these could send your customer looking for a new broadband relationship. And the resulting divorce could be costly.

Fortunately for broadband providers, Nokia has a lot of experience in this area. So let us share some of our relationship secrets with you.

First impressions count

Your Wi-Fi router must look good, of course, but looks only get you so far – you must also be easy to get along with. Many Wi-Fi solutions on the market today make the customer do all the work to establish a connection. But with good brains as well as good looks, your Wi-Fi solution can install and configure the in-home network automatically, in seconds.

Be dependable

You need to be there for your customers, everywhere, all the time. That, of course, means using the latest 802.11 k/v standards, dual-band Wi-Fi and hi-gain antennas to provide superb connectivity. But you also need a true mesh network where any beacon can talk to any other beacon. Compared to the usual tree architectures, this allows the network to provide 100% coverage. Better still, use rerouting intelligence to give every device the best connection in every room.

Be a great listener

Interactions are a chance to listen and learn. In particular, listen out for annoyances, like Wi-Fi or non-Wi-Fi interference. Monitor the connections you have to make sure they’re all strong. And, of course, learn from any problems that arise to improve decisions in the future. In short, make your Wi-Fi so attentive it can fix any problems before your customer is even aware of them.

Give them a good reason to call you

Most calls to your helpdesk are for a bad reason – Wi-Fi issues. In fact, about 30-50% of calls to helpdesks concern Wi-Fi connectivity, each call takes 20-30 minutes to resolve and many result in a truck-roll. With a Wi-Fi solution that is so simple to set up and with a performance so advanced – self-optimizing, self-healing, and with automatic rerouting – the only calls you’re likely to get are to ask about taking your relationship to another level.

Give them what they need, not just what they want

Sometimes – just sometimes – you might know what’s better for your customers. They might want 100 Mb/s to watch YouTube on a smartphone, but that would mean Netflix on the 65-inch smart TV would suffer. Make sure your Wi-Fi knows what each connected device needs and optimizes each connection to maintain the best user experience.

Get a second opinion

We’ve put all of our advice into the Nokia WiFi solution and we think it’ll give you the best possible relationship with your customers. But don’t just take our word for it. See what others are saying about Nokia WiFi in these industry reviews and visit our website to learn how to create your own superlative in-home Wi-Fi experience. Watch a video how easy it is to install and configure the Nokia WiFi solution.

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Laszlo Gyalog

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