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Japanese startups hop on Nokia Innovation Platform

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As someone who is very passionate about technology and innovation, I find Japan a fascinating place. Not many countries have done as much to define the worldwide technology landscape as Japan. In fact, according to a Forbes analysis, it’s home to almost 10% of the world’s most innovative companies.

Recently I was there to attend Slush Tokyo, Asia’s leading startup event and partner to its larger annual sister startup conference in Finland. Both events have exactly the same purpose - to connect startups and innovators to the global IT investment community and large corporates. The event attracted over 5,000 participants over two days.

Talk about energy! It’s a loud and busy place with an exciting sense of urgency. A real networking mecca, where the strong desire to connect with the right people, find interesting ideas and people who can help you move forward with your project and make the next “big idea” reality.

Nokia was there to launch its Nokia Innovation Platform in Japan, which is such a hotbed of  innovation right now and an ecosystem we want to thrive in. The Nokia Innovation Platform is a technology, connectivity, mobility and application development platform that will provide Japanese start-ups with a one-stop solution to test Internet of Things (IoT) use cases and create efficient go-to-market approaches for entering the global market. Japan is the third country to launch this platform after Finland and France.

The platform is ideal for the Japanese market because these days innovation is not just restricted to the large familiar corporate brands. Instead, there’s widespread encouragement to innovate and create startups and this change in culture is giving rise to a vibrant innovation scene similar to what we see in the United States, Europe or Israel. Innovators and startups are cooking up interesting things in robotics, IoT and artificial intelligence. Sustainability and disaster recovery is also a common theme for innovators following the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Japan's technology innovation power is world renowned but Japanese startups tend to focus on the domestic market  and are limited in reach. Slush Tokyo aims to expose them more to international entrepreneurs and the Innovation Platform will provide them global reach.

It was an honor to attend the event and meet so many talented innovators with great potential to use our platform and develop their IoT use cases.  In the coming months, we will continue to connect the Nokia Innovation Platform to the world by identifying dynamic local ecosystems. Stay tuned!

Are you an innovator or startup wanting to develop your IoT use case? Visit our website and find out more about the Nokia Innovation Platform.

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Jean-Luc Beylat

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