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Know your 3 R’s: Re-use, Recycle, Resell

This blog is by Riina Luoma at Nokia Networks.
Twitter: @nokianetworks

I got rid of my old refrigerator last week. It was leaking water and no longer met my needs. I bought a new one online and the delivery charge included taking the old unit away. No time-consuming trip to the local waste recycling plant for me, as the company I bought it from ensured it was recycled properly.

This got me thinking – could the refrigerator be repaired and re-used somewhere else? Or would it be more economical to break it down and recycle the materials? What about the components? Although it seemed to have a major fault, maybe other components that were working fine could be re-used?

Similar considerations are common in the telecom industry when the time comes to renew network elements. Of course, mobile operators can't wait for major faults to develop and will know much more about potential failures than users of domestic appliances. For operators, it’s more of a case of new technology coming along that meets their subscribers’ needs more exactly – more speed, more coverage, more capacity, better connectivity.

With the rapid development of telecom technology, we seem to be racing through the generations. No sooner are we getting 4G into service than the industry is flagging up 5G and getting us to think about how it will affect the architecture of future networks.

This constant change means that the removal and replacement of any obsolete or end-of-life equipment needs to be a natural part of operators’ processes. As such, it needs to be pain-free and as easy as the commissioning of the new equipment.

This is exactly what Nokia Asset Recovery and Remarketing Service aims to do. We first help the operator evaluate its inventories. Later steps can include Re-use Services, Recycle Services and Re-sell Services. They can re-use components in other areas, send them for recycling, or sell them to the wider market. Whichever way they choose, we help make it easy. With this service, operators can achieve up to 20% better value on its assets.

Since 2009, we’ve recycled 10,000 tons of telecom materials and have 150,000 plug-in units refurbished and re-used every year.

The Asset Recovery & Remarketing Service is backed by a strong support system consisting of approved partners, giving Nokia the ability to operate and execute the service across a broad range, as well as having excellent access to the secondary market.

With these abilities and contacts, Asset Recovery & Remarketing Services connects the sourcing and selling markets. Simply put, Nokia is connecting business with sustainability.

Are you ready to modernize your network? Find out more about our services here. Download our handy infographic here.

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Riina Luoma

About Riina Luoma

Riina Luoma is head of Global Care Services Marketing. She passionately gives a voice to our professional teams which ensure the daily excellence of telecommunications networks. Riina holds a BA with Honors from the University of Newcastle and from Helsinki University of Technology and has 15+ years international experience in various roles in the industry.

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