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Learn and then learn some more

Continuous learning is one of Nokia’s set of core principles that drives who we are as a company. A commitment to continuous learning that enables our employees, customers and partners to grow professionally and achieve peak levels of performance.

Investing in learning is more than a “nice-to-do", it has grown into a business imperative. A few reasons why:

A highly knowledgeable and skilled workforce is better able to sell and service the company’s products, providing a key competitive differentiator in the market. 

Customers who receive top-quality training can more quickly deploy and become proficient in their use of a company’s products, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. 

And with regards to the business impact of employee learning:

  • 94% of employees would stay longer at a company if it invested in their careers (LinkedIn)
  • Companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profit margin versus those that don’t (Huffington Post)
  • 87% of millennials say professional growth and development are top priorities (Gallup)

So how is Nokia embracing this challenge? A few recent and upcoming highlights.

  • Global Days of Learning 2019. Today, we will complete our annual celebration of learning: a 3-day event for all Nokia employees to join virtual presentations delivered by thought-leaders from across the company, along with in-person events at Nokia locations around the world. Topics include technology, operations and business skills.
  • Recently, we launched our newly upgraded Customer Learning Store. Nokia’s learning “storefront” for convenient browsing of our latest course offerings, certification programs, news and information, training locations, customer support and more.
  • On our intranet we provide our people with Nokia’s Learning Index – a convenient online tool that enables employees to monitor their commitment to learning and to feel proud of their achievements. Points are awarded for completed training and information-sharing, with bonus points given for priority learning. One year after the introduction of the Learning Index our employee learning hours rose by 48%.

Learning at Nokia is far more than compliance training for employees or something you fit in when you have extra time. Today, continually enhancing one’s knowledge and skill sets is a business essential, a talent acquisition and retention strategy and a competitive advantage for Nokia. 

For more information on Learning at Nokia, check out the EDU Story video.

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Sergio  Fasce

About Sergio Fasce

As the leader of NokiaEDU, Sergio brings a broad business perspective to learning, having held positions in Sales, Strategy, R&D, General Management and HR. He leverages this experience to strengthen Nokia’s position as a “Knowledge Company”, where customers, partners and employees build business-critical competencies for our digital future. Sergio’s background includes nearly 30 years in the technology and innovation industry and he holds a degree in Electronic Engineering.

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