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Building the 5G future in South Korea

This blog is by Steve Park at Nokia Networks.
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Think of advanced telecommunications networks and services and you immediately think of South Korea. With one of the highest smartphone take up figures in the world and some of the fastest data rates anywhere, South Korea has come to symbolize all that is most advanced in mobile telephony.

Already a leader in 4G deployments, it’s no surprise that South Korean operators are pushing on to the next stage, planning the much-heralded 5G networks that are set to revolutionize not only the way we communicate, but the very way we lead our lives.

This month sees the signing of two agreements that marks a marriage between the innovative drive of Nokia Networks and the determination of South Korean operators to be leaders in transformative 5G technology. Even more exciting is that we should be seeing some of the results of the collaborations as soon as 2018 when South Korea will be in the global spotlight as host of the biggest winter sports tournament in the world. The operators have set a goal of implementing the first pre-standardized 5G networks in time for the event.

Focus on 5G radio

Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with SK Telecom and LG U+ will see Nokia Networks strengthen its 5G collaboration with both companies. The MoU with SK Telecom, signed in Finland on January 21, will look to test 5G technology as well as explore how cloud RAN (Radio Access Network) and cloud management can be used for 5G. Field trials will also feature heavily in this research program.

The practical part of the agreement will establish research into 5G cm wave technologies, including field trials to see how they perform in real-world network situations such as serving major sporting events in South Korea.

The MoU with LG U+, signed a few days earlier in Seoul on January 15, will see the companies collaborate on commercializing the best network technology, innovative devices and applications, as well as smart solutions and business models.

The key objective for both agreements is to research technologies leading to 5G, including the most innovative RAN implementations, and solutions providing highest capacity and coverage based on Nokia Networks technologies.

As the world’s most sophisticated mobile market, South Korea is ideally suited to pioneer Nokia’s advanced technologies as we seek to build a future based on 5G.

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Steve Park

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