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Maintain your 3G quality - AirScale Cloud RAN can cope

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The first commercial 3G network was launched in Japan in October 2001. That’s more than 15 years ago; ancient history in mobile telecoms terms. And certainly well before the smartphone-driven mobile data boom exploded onto the industry. Few professionals at the time could have predicted what was to come.

Although 3G technology has since evolved fantastically to support true mobile broadband, it needs constant attention and maintenance due to the massive amounts of traffic going through the 3G networks daily – and for years to come. Even today we are feeling the effects of this, with the Radio Network Controller (RNC) prone to becoming a bottleneck in networks enjoying rapid traffic growth.


Coincidentally, it was around the early 2000s that the cloud computing revolution started to seriously take off. The basic benefits of cloud technologies are flexibility and scalability – exactly what a doctor might order for traffic-stressed 3G RNCs.

Moving 3G RNC functionality into the cloud, as Nokia has done with its AirScale RNC, provides operators with unparalleled scalability. No matter how much demand they face from their 3G customers, operators can now ensure their networks can deliver services reliably. That’s important because industry forecasters say that 3G will continue to serve billions of customers and devices well into the foreseeable future, ensuring continued use of legacy handsets.

Additionally, a cloud-based RNC saves costs by reducing on-site space requirements, as well as the number of site visits required to maintain the network.

AirScale RNC is part of Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN, a complete solution with a unique multi-layer structure to match every operator’s needs and environment. It can run radio functions in large centralized data centers or smaller distributed sites (the so called edge clouds), or a combination of both. Yet, all components are treated by the management system as a single cloud for easy and efficient orchestration.

Ground crew prepare the inside of a hot air balloon while it is pumped with cold air.

Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN works with legacy network infrastructure, yet offers easy migration to new processing platforms when network functions are modernized, new network layers are built, or new services are deployed.

Find out more about how a Cloud-based RNC can help you.

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